About Delta Virtual Airlines

Since 2014 Delta Virtual has set out to serve the virtual airline community with a fun, realistic airline that focuses on the pure joy of flying. Simply put, we are a community of pilots who love to fly.

While we fully understand the place for ultra-realistic virtual airlines that require check rides, pilot exams, strict adherence to defined schedules and aircraft assignments, we are not that type of VA. Turn on the computer, pick a flight, fly the flight plan, land well and file a PIREP; simple, fun, enjoyable. Plus, you can fly any aircraft on any route. So grab your favorite payware and take it where ever you care to fly.

We hope you choose Delta Virtual.

Jay Roberts
Founder - Delta Virtual

Delta Virtual Op's - 4 Active Flights

Pilot In Command Flight Number Equipment Departure Arrival Status
Pete MelomoAMX151B737-800Montreal / Pierre Elliott Trudeau International AirportLicenciado Benito Juarez International AirportCruising
William KhoemargaDAC992B737-800Soekarno-Hatta International AirportTan Son Nhat International AirportCruising
Chinedu EkweozohDAC54B777-300Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International AirportMurtala Muhammed International AirportCruising
Michael FossAFR171B777-300Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International AirportCharles de Gaulle International AirportClimbing

Delta Virtual Op's - Live Flight Map - 4 Active Flights

Delta Virtual Op's - Recent Flights

Pilot Airline Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Landing
Efrain DavilaAA2653TNCMKMIA03.17-148
Tony PizzifredASA245KMSYKSEA04.03-277
Joseph RoccoSWA1113KPHXKSAN00.51-282
Edwin CorreaAA3870KCLLKDFW00.55-64
Brian WhatleyDAC6996VTSPOMDB05.53-354
Jack TimmerJBU1695KMCOMROC3.500
Mark EnguerraUPS1568KMSYKSDF01.32-262
William KhoemargaDAC135WSSSWMKP01.40-126
Pete MelomoWJA494CYYZKPHX04.08-105
Has StaffordDAL2330KATLKFLL01.43-173
Devon HowardWJA534CYYCKLAX02.48-323
Serge ByakovUAL4176KSFOKSAN01.14-84
Bryan HendricksDAL77LEBLKATL09.51-127
Joseph RoccoAA1624KMIATJSJ01.59-171
Rodrigo GarcinUAL1571KIAHMMUN01.57-108

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