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EHAM information

Number of Pilots: 214
Number of Flights Flown: 1565
Number of Routes Flown From EHAM: 2104
Total Miles Flown: 3268714 nm
Total Hours Flown: 8001
Total Fuel Used: 57348695 lbs


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Pilot Roster for EHAM

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
United States DAL1829 Jeff Becker ATP Captain 96 515 Active
United States DAL1886 Anthony Howe ATP Captain 338 832 Active
United States DAL1948 Wes Loeffler ATP Captain 25 328 Active
United States DAL2191 Andreas Mueller ATP Captain 245 582 Active
United States KLM2237 Michael Erdelyi ATP Captain 94 864 Active
United States DAL2298 Anthony Marquis ATP Captain 454 2908 Active
New Zealand KLM2932 Corey Langford Senior Captain 24 222 Active
United States DAL3001 Steven Peterson ATP Captain 63 413 Active
Brazil DAL3285 Roberto Eduardo Graziano ATP Captain 43 2797 Active
United States DAL3413 Felix A Almonte ATP Captain 119 1587 Active
Netherlands DAL3448 Gosse Jacobs Second Officer 53 39 On Leave
United States DAL3452 Emmanuel Peterson Second Officer 2 12 Active
United States AA3725 Tre Patillo ATP Captain 171 758 Active
United States AA3781 Tony Galaz Junior Officer 1 1 On Leave
United States DAL4011 Michael Dart ATP Captain 1 1001 Active
United States AA4186 Aaron Price ATP Captain 110 904 Active
United States DAL4246 Kaylan Fullerton ATP Captain 74 1522 Active
United States SWA4395 Keith Brubaker ATP Captain 74 414 Active
United States DAL4520 Tyler Foster ATP Captain 45 877 Active
United States AA4584 Corey Evans Captain 55 103 Active
United States AA4628 CJ Lindsay ATP Captain 212 792 Active
United States AA4678 Andy Morales Second Officer 28 39 Active
United States DAL4704 Milan Cruz ATP Captain 9 738 Active
Germany HVN4739 Thomas Mainka ATP Captain 134 379 Active
Brazil AA4756 Fabio Lopes ATP Captain 45 480 Active
United States DAL4895 Jon Allensworth Captain 33 134 Active
United Kingdom DAL4992 Ryan Perry Junior Officer 1 2 Active
United Kingdom DAL5142 Ryan Gregg Second Officer 16 24 Active
Netherlands DAL5222 Fred Fokken Junior Officer 2 4 Active
Ireland DAL5354 Ciaran McMahon Captain 50 108 Active
United States DAL5521 Jamil Abram Senior Captain 40 190 Active
United States DAL5663 Nicholas Tichy Senior Captain 51 192 Active
United States DAL5738 Jeremy Clincy Second Officer 15 35 Active
Switzerland DAL5767 Peter Rindlisbacher Second Officer 29 40 Active
United Kingdom DAL5784 David Murden First Officer 24 96 Active
United States DAL5837 John Martin ATP Captain 9 1281 Active
United Kingdom DAL5955 Shadwell Platt ATP Captain 32 2164 Active
Norway DAL6033 Samuel Nygaard ATP Captain 5 548 Active
United States DAL6059 Jefferson Coffin ATP Captain 18 307 Active
Georgia DAL6082 Beka Kurtanidze First Officer 5 60 Active
Malaysia DAL6084 Aslester Tok First Officer 8 88 Active
Norway DAL6093 Ulrik Brun Captain 4 113 Active
United States DAL6102 Allan Chen ATP Captain 23 440 Active
New Zealand DAL6115 Fenton Loveday Second Officer 6 46 Active
Sweden DAL6122 Yohan Joo First Officer 7 51 Active
Philippines DAL6132 Cyrus Sutaria Second Officer 11 37 Active
Hong Kong DAL6192 Kristian Lavarone ATP Captain 14 1908 Active