Hub Summary

KATL information

Number of Pilots: 173
Number of Flights Flown: 6551
Number of Routes Flown From KATL: 2596
Total Miles Flown: 5881102 nm
Total Hours Flown: 15222
Total Fuel Used: 66359735 lbs


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Pilot Roster for KATL

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
Bahamas DAL1788 Trystan Kemp Captain 20 143 On Leave
United States DAL1798 Duane Palmore ATP Captain 90 418 Active
United States DAL1808 Jay Kidder Senior Captain 53 246 Active
United States DAL1893 Nicolas Caldwell ATP Captain 32 1033 Active
United States DAL1914 Noah Foss Second Officer 34 39 On Leave
China DAL1919 Tao Hong ATP Captain 26 441 Active
United States DAL1920 Bruno Fonseca ATP Captain 33 1243 On Leave
Canada DAL1937 Michael Tizard Senior Captain 42 288 Active
United States DAL1938 Rob Rijkse ATP Captain 99 976 Active
United States DAL1953 Augustine Barron ATP Captain 52 691 Active
France DAL1962 Lewis Mace Senior Captain 75 221 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL1982 Graham Chaston ATP Captain 60 321 Active
United States DAL1998 David Lynch ATP Captain 73 712 Active
United States DAL2006 John Anderson ATP Captain 249 1408 On Leave
Canada DAL2009 Pierre Castonguay ATP Captain 29 1028 Active
United States DAL2028 Daniel Boies Senior Captain 9 286 On Leave
United States DAL2058 Jamarion Lightbourne Senior Captain 35 183 Active
Netherlands DAL2069 Tim Rietdijk Captain 1 101 On Leave
United States DAL2098 Grant Brady ATP Captain 11 652 On Leave
United States DAL2124 John Mullen ATP Captain 8 5286 On Leave
United States DAL2171 David Womacks ATP Captain 36 310 Active
United States DAL2179 Joey Wallace Second Officer 5 14 On Leave
United States DAL2236 Louie Bramall-Watson Second Officer 1 21 On Leave
United States DAL2247 Trey Geboy Second Officer 16 39 Active
United Kingdom DAL2294 Charlie Woodward Junior Officer 1 1 On Leave
United States DAL2320 NoReply NoReply Junior Officer 0 1 On Leave
United States DAL2342 Brandon Baker Junior Officer 3 4 On Leave
United States DAL2432 Gaston Webb Junior Officer 4 8 On Leave
United States DAL2440 Donovan Patrick ATP Captain 4 476 On Leave
United States DAL2444 James Charalambous Captain 2 110 On Leave
United States DAL2680 John Nicholson First Officer 23 84 Active
Sweden DAL2687 Johan Olsson ATP Captain 2 1002 On Leave
United States DAL2689 Andre Rodriguez Second Officer 9 28 On Leave
United States DAL2789 Cray Donoughe Junior Officer 1 1 On Leave
United States DAL2800 Chris Rigby ATP Captain 126 315 Active
United States DAL2915 Will Thomas ATP Captain 74 3574 Active
United Kingdom AA2987 Reece Upadhyay ATP Captain 185 885 Active
United States DAL3024 Neil Garner ATP Captain 102 447 Active
Canada DAL3029 Andrew Parker ATP Captain 26 1305 Active
United States SCC3040 Tom Housworth ATP Captain 24 5109 Active
United States DAL3049 Michael Thomas ATP Captain 25 387 Active
Norway DAL3068 Lars-Petter Meyer Bedin ATP Captain 383 3484 Active
United States DAL3112 Edwin Correa ATP Captain 66 968 Active
United States DAL3121 Luis Calvo Senior Captain 81 271 Active
United States DAL3122 John Yilmaz Senior Captain 72 226 Active
United States DAL3125 Sasha Moser ATP Captain 254 1734 Active
United States DAL3152 Jonathon Polk ATP Captain 40 1087 Active
Wales DAL3248 Kyle Hewett Senior Captain 2 204 Active
United States AA4125 Gray Burkhart Second Officer 20 36 Active
United States AA4474 Matt Ward Second Officer 14 27 On Leave
United States DAL4503 Francois Ruel Second Officer 5 23 Active
United States DAL4515 William McCarthy Senior Captain 18 207 Active
United States DAL4529 Matthew Aubrey ATP Captain 11 539 Active
United States DAL4573 Abdiel Troyano Jr ATP Captain 47 359 Active
United Kingdom DAL4577 Joseph Kabel Junior Officer 1 1 Active
United States DAL4583 Benjamin Schine Second Officer 5 24 Active
United States DAL4595 Brian Meyers ATP Captain 5 1727 Active
United States DAL4603 Frank Perreault Senior Captain 6 234 Active
United States DAL4604 Austin Harris Second Officer 7 22 Active
Norway DAL4607 Stian Broen Aarhus ATP Captain 54 665 Active
Germany DAL4630 Matthias Jacobi First Officer 38 84 Active
United Kingdom DAL4633 Samuel Megson ATP Captain 4 1759 Active
United States DAL4636 Trent Sellers ATP Captain 7 766 Active
Costa Rica DAL4660 Sebastián Astorga Second Officer 8 12 Active
United States DAL4719 Daniel Goldsmith ATP Captain 76 390 Active
United Kingdom DAL4728 Zak Mitchell Second Officer 9 28 Active
India DAL4737 Rahul Rao Junior Officer 4 7 Active
United States DAL4741 Owen Hankes Captain 14 166 Active
United States DAL4803 August Shah Captain 11 114 Active
United States DAL4808 Tyler Sheppard ATP Captain 29 1505 Active
United States DAL4811 Matthew Kaye ATP Captain 13 382 Active
United Kingdom DAL4840 David Hendy Second Officer 8 16 Active
China DAL4843 Diyu Ye ATP Captain 4 1031 Active
United States DAL4866 Andre Chambers Captain 7 136 Active
United States DAL4872 Nick Gilbert First Officer 4 65 Active
Singapore DAL4925 Prathamesh Sai Tangeti Junior Officer 1 4 Active
United States DAL4949 John Kamm Captain 5 114 Active
United States DAL4952 Austin Cupstid Second Officer 4 47 Active
Bahamas DAL4966 Homer Curtis Second Officer 4 22 Active
United States DAL4973 David Terrero Junior Officer 4 8 Active
United States DAL4995 Ryan Miltenberger Junior Officer 3 5 Active
United States DAL5003 Walter Cannon ATP Captain 3 504 Active
United States DAL5008 Patrick Kagel Captain 2 102 Active
United States DAL5018 Wesley Ellery ATP Captain 3 329 Active
Netherlands DAL5021 Gosse Jacobs Second Officer 4 15 Active
Barbados DAL5033 Saige Marshall ATP Captain 3 2574 Active
Brazil DAL5035 Gustavo Sippel Junior Officer 1 0 Active
United States DAL5040 Cameron Sharrow Junior Officer 4 6 Active