Hub Summary

KATL information

Number of Pilots: 490
Number of Flights Flown: 10358
Number of Routes Flown From KATL: 1146
Total Miles Flown: 9065475 nm
Total Hours Flown: 86727
Total Fuel Used: 102205963 lbs


Hub Detail

KATL map

Pilot Roster for KATL

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
United States DAL1701 Jay Roberts Diamond Medallion 732 2050 Active
United States DAL1798 Duane Palmore Silver Medallion 111 469 Active
United States DAL1893 Nicolas Caldwell Red Medallion 37 1043 On Leave
China DAL1919 Tao Hong Bronze Medallion 27 450 On Leave
United States DAL1920 Bruno Fonseca Emerald Medallion 33 1243 On Leave
Canada DAL1937 Michael Tizard Emerald Medallion 58 331 On Leave
United States DAL1938 Rob Rijkse Bronze Medallion 99 976 On Leave
United States DAL1953 Augustine Barron Silver Medallion 71 805 Active
United Kingdom DAL1982 Graham Chaston Bronze Medallion 71 351 On Leave
United States DAL1998 David Lynch Silver Medallion 86 769 Active
Canada DAL2009 Pierre Castonguay Amethyst Medallion 46 1050 Active
United States DAL2058 Jamarion Lightbourne Bronze Medallion 60 302 Active
United States DAL2171 David Womacks Amethyst Medallion 48 331 Active
United States DAL2179 Joey Wallace Red Medallion 5 14 On Leave
United States DAL2247 Trey Geboy Red Medallion 17 40 On Leave
Philippines DAL2377 Miguel Ceballos Red Medallion 16 18 On Leave
United States DAL2440 Donovan Patrick Red Medallion 4 476 On Leave
United States DAL2680 John Nicholson Amethyst Medallion 29 97 Active
United States DAL2800 Chris Rigby Silver Medallion 184 442 Active
United States DAL2915 Will Thomas Gold Medallion 96 3707 On Leave
United Kingdom AA2987 Reece Upadhyay Gold Medallion 206 949 On Leave
United States DAL3024 Neil Garner Gold Medallion 156 649 Active
Canada DAL3029 Andrew Parker Bronze Medallion 44 1387 On Leave
United States SCC3040 Tom Housworth Bronze Medallion 64 5244 Active
United States DAL3049 Michael Thomas Amethyst Medallion 53 440 Active
Norway DAL3068 Lars-Petter Meyer Bedin Diamond Medallion 529 3729 Active
United States DAL3112 Edwin Correa Gold Medallion 155 1275 Active
United States DAL3121 Luis Calvo Emerald Medallion 81 271 On Leave
United States DAL3122 John Yilmaz Bronze Medallion 83 258 On Leave
United States DAL3152 Jonathon Polk Bronze Medallion 50 1151 On Leave
Wales DAL3248 Kyle Hewett Red Medallion 2 204 Active
United States DAL3410 Ryan Coker Red Medallion 9 456 On Leave
United States AA4125 Gray Burkhart Emerald Medallion 69 125 Active
Canada DAL4133 Keanu Flavelle Emerald Medallion 38 157 On Leave
United States DAL4398 Luis Porras Red Medallion 8 307 On Leave
United States DAL4466 Skyler Curtin Red Medallion 6 9 On Leave
United States AA4474 Matt Ward Amethyst Medallion 23 70 On Leave
United States DAL4503 Francois Ruel Red Medallion 6 24 On Leave
United States DAL4515 William McCarthy Amethyst Medallion 33 248 On Leave
United States DAL4529 Matthew Aubrey Bronze Medallion 52 659 Active
United States DAL4573 Abdiel Troyano Jr Emerald Medallion 48 361 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL4577 Joseph Kabel Red Medallion 1 1 On Leave
United States AA4587 Jorge De Sedas Silver Medallion 206 2069 On Leave
United States DAL4595 Brian Meyers Red Medallion 5 1727 On Leave
United States DAL4603 Frank Perreault Red Medallion 10 247 On Leave
United States DAL4604 Austin Harris Red Medallion 7 22 On Leave
Norway DAL4607 Stian Broen Aarhus Platinum Medallion 118 1286 On Leave
Germany DAL4630 Matthias Jacobi Silver Medallion 153 429 Active
United Kingdom DAL4633 Samuel Megson Red Medallion 9 1771 On Leave
United States DAL4636 Trent Sellers Red Medallion 7 766 On Leave
Costa Rica DAL4660 Sebastián Astorga Red Medallion 12 26 On Leave
Argentina DAL4664 Juan Manuel La Terza Bronze Medallion 99 346 On Leave
United States DAL4719 Daniel Goldsmith Gold Medallion 136 599 Active
United Kingdom DAL4728 Zak Mitchell Red Medallion 19 46 On Leave
India DAL4737 Rahul Rao Red Medallion 7 12 On Leave
United States SWA4753 Pat Fuge Bronze Medallion 114 344 On Leave
United States DAL4803 August Shah Emerald Medallion 64 214 Active
United States DAL4808 Tyler Sheppard Bronze Medallion 136 1646 On Leave
United States DAL4811 Matthew Kaye Silver Medallion 78 739 Active
Italy DAL4832 Luca Toscani Red Medallion 2 10 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL4840 David Hendy Red Medallion 11 24 On Leave
China DAL4843 Diyu Ye Red Medallion 7 1036 Active
United States DAL4866 Andre Chambers Silver Medallion 62 429 Active
United States DAL4872 Nick Gilbert Emerald Medallion 62 183 On Leave
United States DAL4901 Michael Gaston Red Medallion 3 4 Active
United States DAL4907 Dustin Record Amethyst Medallion 20 370 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL4919 Dave McCarthy Red Medallion 15 16 On Leave
Singapore DAL4925 Prathamesh Sai Tangeti Red Medallion 5 10 On Leave
United States DAL4949 John Kamm Red Medallion 9 121 On Leave
United States DAL4952 Austin Cupstid Red Medallion 4 47 On Leave
Bahamas DAL4966 Homer Curtis Emerald Medallion 43 102 Active
United States DAL4973 David Terrero Platinum Medallion 315 856 Active
United States DAL4988 Gavin Foley Red Medallion 15 532 On Leave
United States DAL4993 Ayden Adair Emerald Medallion 36 178 On Leave
United States DAL5003 Walter Cannon Amethyst Medallion 40 561 On Leave
United States DAL5004 Ryan Bean Amethyst Medallion 54 89 On Leave
United States DAL5008 Patrick Kagel Red Medallion 2 102 On Leave
Chile DAL5016 Nicolas Munoz Red Medallion 2 1 On Leave
United States DAL5018 Wesley Ellery Amethyst Medallion 26 418 On Leave
Netherlands DAL5021 Gosse Jacobs Red Medallion 4 15 On Leave
United States DAL5032 Brandon Van Bourgondien Red Medallion 3 107 On Leave
Barbados DAL5033 Saige Marshall Amethyst Medallion 14 2630 On Leave
Brazil DAL5035 Gustavo Sippel Red Medallion 11 18 On Leave
United States DAL5040 Cameron Sharrow Red Medallion 9 15 On Leave
United States DAL5041 Tristin Albers Red Medallion 1 3 On Leave
United States DAL5043 Justin Chaparro Red Medallion 13 27 On Leave
United States DAL5045 Enrique Sandoval Diamond Medallion 2 1678 On Leave
Greece DAL5050 Hercules Strat. Red Medallion 12 25 On Leave
United States DAL5058 Shawn Johnson Red Medallion 8 9 On Leave
United States DAL5063 Noah Gascon Red Medallion 5 3 On Leave
United States DAL5075 Mason Barnett Red Medallion 7 13 On Leave
United States DAL5087 Bobby Fender Red Medallion 4 5 On Leave
Canada DAL5093 Shaun Hazen Amethyst Medallion 21 372 On Leave
United States DAL5094 Landon Williams Amethyst Medallion 37 64 On Leave
United States DAL5108 Chirag Patel Red Medallion 2 2 On Leave
United States DAL5116 Alen Strmac Red Medallion 1 505 On Leave
United States DAL5118 Kevin Miles Red Medallion 6 11 On Leave
New Zealand DAL5121 Matt Lovich Red Medallion 4 8 On Leave
United States DAL5123 Canaan White Red Medallion 23 41 On Leave
United States DAL5132 Connor Davis Red Medallion 1 2 On Leave
United States DAL5133 Nick Clervi Red Medallion 13 41 On Leave
United States DAL5144 Deane Palliser Red Medallion 5 5 On Leave
United States DAL5159 Nathan Kofi Red Medallion 4 7 On Leave
Canada DAL5160 Andrew Campbell Red Medallion 25 704 Active
United States DAL5161 Michael Anderson Bronze Medallion 112 421 On Leave
Brazil DAL5164 Rafael Motta Red Medallion 3 3 On Leave
United States DAL5178 Douglas DeFouw Red Medallion 2 511 On Leave
United States DAL5192 Rick James Silver Medallion 175 521 On Leave
Italy DAL5214 Leonardo Sona Red Medallion 22 39 Active
United States DAL5219 Jason Cassady Red Medallion 5 8 On Leave
United States DAL5258 Alex Story Red Medallion 1 1 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL5259 Ross Gunn Red Medallion 1 119 On Leave
United States DAL5268 Jason DeLuca Emerald Medallion 54 147 On Leave
United States DAL5274 Paul McCullough Red Medallion 7 1081 On Leave
Canada DAL5282 Kenny Myers Gold Medallion 211 1510 Active
United States DAL5283 Nathan Westrick Amethyst Medallion 47 313 On Leave
United States DAL5297 Nichollas Sanborn Emerald Medallion 39 119 Active
Virgin Islands, U.S. DAL5298 Sheriton Smith Red Medallion 12 377 On Leave
United States DAL5300 Zachary Smith Red Medallion 10 11 On Leave
United States DAL5317 James Young Red Medallion 1 2 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL5331 Aaron Hassell Red Medallion 5 16 On Leave
United States DAL5334 Tim Russo Red Medallion 5 46 On Leave
United States DAL5337 Josh Nunn Platinum Medallion 416 864 Active
United States DAL5345 Franklin Donnie Red Medallion 2 3 On Leave
United States DAL5349 Andrew LaFon Red Medallion 2 2 On Leave
United States DAL5398 Scott Greene Red Medallion 9 218 On Leave
United States DAL5421 Chris Knepper Emerald Medallion 46 485 On Leave
United States DAL5432 Aaron Cannon Red Medallion 5 6 On Leave
Cayman Islands DAL5436 Juwan Christie Amethyst Medallion 21 80 Active
United States DAL5438 Etienne Wasil Red Medallion 7 177 On Leave
United States DAL5456 Jordan Rash Red Medallion 4 27 On Leave
United States DAL5488 Graham Hall Red Medallion 8 10 On Leave
United States DAL5489 Danny Moore Emerald Medallion 44 3798 On Leave
United States DAL5503 John Manley Red Medallion 2 3 On Leave
United States DAL5534 Eldred Kyne Gold Medallion 180 512 Active
United States DAL5538 Greg Waid Red Medallion 2 15 On Leave
United States DAL5549 Kristofer Blevins Amethyst Medallion 14 304 On Leave
Germany DAL5569 Philipp Lampert Red Medallion 1 22 On Leave
United States DAL5579 John Brosnan Bronze Medallion 59 1175 Active
United States DAL5584 Miles Denning Red Medallion 8 1018 Active
United States DAL5589 Matt Huetsch Red Medallion 1 226 On Leave
United States DAL5591 James Vickers Red Medallion 13 25 Active
United States DAL5647 Donald Aimer Red Medallion 7 58 Active
United States DAL5667 Daniel Laskowski Red Medallion 1 1 On Leave
Greece DAL5685 Theodore Aggelopoulos Amethyst Medallion 36 76 Active
United States DAL5687 Brian Morgan Red Medallion 29 47 On Leave
United States DAL5706 David Davis Red Medallion 25 39 Active
United States DAL5707 Andres Gomez Red Medallion 12 26 On Leave
United States DAL5725 Mark Rizzo Red Medallion 2 2 On Leave
United States DAL5728 Stevan Harris Red Medallion 25 27 Active
United States DAL5771 Jacob Hough Red Medallion 4 6 On Leave
United States DAL5779 Harrison Frey Amethyst Medallion 28 765 Active
United States DAL5790 Kevin Rutland Red Medallion 5 6 On Leave
United States DAL5794 Kai Jenkins Red Medallion 4 4 On Leave
Hong Kong DAL5801 Matthew Lee Red Medallion 17 32 Active
Singapore DAL5817 Gabriel Wong Red Medallion 1 505 On Leave
Italy DAL5818 Enrico Noia Red Medallion 1 170 On Leave
United States DAL5823 Monroe Wygal Red Medallion 2 2 On Leave
United States DAL5843 Robert Faison Silver Medallion 151 4058 Active
United States DAL5848 Belal Odeh Red Medallion 24 272 On Leave
United States DAL5856 Alec Slaby Red Medallion 2 7 On Leave
United States DAL5861 Joshua Gillett Red Medallion 6 11 On Leave
United States DAL5870 Tim Smoyer Amethyst Medallion 22 71 Active
United States DAL5876 Jake Lowe Silver Medallion 83 357 Active
Italy DAL5880 William James Red Medallion 23 44 On Leave
United States DAL5896 Trent Damico Amethyst Medallion 27 53 Active
Mexico DAL5907 Pablo Bandera Amethyst Medallion 44 63 Active
United States DAL5927 Oliver Halle Red Medallion 1 0 Active
Bahamas DAL5930 Dwight Marshall Red Medallion 4 5 On Leave
Costa Rica DAL5932 HERNALD ZUNIGA Red Medallion 3 5 On Leave
United States DAL5938 Jordan Jones Emerald Medallion 51 1099 On Leave
United States DAL5939 Gary Riley Bronze Medallion 106 734 Active
United States DAL5961 AJ Frank Red Medallion 8 8 On Leave
United States DAL5972 Nicholas Fender Red Medallion 1 2 On Leave
United States DAL6014 Gage Watkins Red Medallion 1 5 On Leave
United States DAL6021 Blake McNamee Red Medallion 8 965 On Leave
United States DAL6042 Eric Parker Bronze Medallion 35 884 Active
United States DAL6065 Nicholas Hamzezadeh Red Medallion 8 11 On Leave
Brazil DAL6080 Luiz Fernando Tostes Red Medallion 5 8 Active
United States DAL6094 Rob Frantz Emerald Medallion 33 137 On Leave
United States DAL6107 Ariel Bardavid Bronze Medallion 68 1035 Active
United States DAL6114 Njeri Carroo Red Medallion 7 20 On Leave
United States DAL6118 Matt Koz Red Medallion 13 26 On Leave
United States DAL6151 Michael Sarazen Bronze Medallion 89 723 Active
United States DAL6160 Zachary Pineiro Bronze Medallion 85 559 Active
United States DAL6168 Bradley Berman Bronze Medallion 44 347 On Leave
United States DAL6190 Brandon Johnson Emerald Medallion 25 130 Active
United States DAL6197 Thomas Mortimer Red Medallion 7 185 Active
United States DAL6199 Rickey Hales Red Medallion 1 89 On Leave
Viet Nam DAL6203 Tommist Dinh Amethyst Medallion 29 74 On Leave
Brazil DAL6209 Vitor Aprigio Red Medallion 2 5 On Leave
United States DAL6214 Andrew Jones Bronze Medallion 97 304 Active
United States DAL6215 James Cadwell Red Medallion 1 220 Active
United States DAL6218 Brendon Hayes Red Medallion 2 2 On Leave
United States DAL6221 David Ruff Red Medallion 10 125 Active
United States DAL6227 Ion Radu Amethyst Medallion 25 64 Active
United States DAL6231 Eric Jones Red Medallion 3 307 Active
United States DAL6233 Brandon Oglesby Red Medallion 5 129 On Leave
United States DAL6239 Blake Roark Emerald Medallion 68 536 Active
United States DAL6243 Brad Greenberg Red Medallion 3 7 Active
United States DAL6269 Christian Bay Red Medallion 9 421 Active
United States DAL6284 John Marionneaux Red Medallion 17 533 Active
United States DAL6285 Ryan Gentzler Emerald Medallion 62 135 Active
United States DAL6289 Lamar Speight Emerald Medallion 44 134 Active
United States DAL6295 Nick Ross Amethyst Medallion 32 67 Active
United States DAL6311 Noel Stitt Red Medallion 13 206 On Leave
United States DAL6312 Patrick Simmons Red Medallion 2 62 On Leave
United States DAL6317 Logan Yoon Red Medallion 1 26 On Leave
United States DAL6323 Tyler Brown Red Medallion 1 1 On Leave
United States DAL6327 John Morgan Red Medallion 2 11 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL6357 Tom Ferguson Red Medallion 2 304 On Leave
United States DAL6364 Luke Raynor Red Medallion 8 59 Active
United States DAL6365 Amari Adolph Red Medallion 15 925 Active
United Kingdom DAL6371 Jay Hilton Red Medallion 5 210 Active
United States DAL6399 Kenneth Alfred Red Medallion 3 5 On Leave
United States DAL6427 Jay Mells Red Medallion 8 16 On Leave
United States DAL6437 Mike Eldridge Red Medallion 3 4 Active
United States DAL6445 Maxim Akbaev Red Medallion 1 2 On Leave
United States DAL6448 Long Pham Red Medallion 6 17 Active
United States DAL6456 HECTOR RAMOS Red Medallion 3 4 Active
United States DAL6472 Adam Dunacn Red Medallion 1 0 On Leave
United States DAL6483 James Parker Red Medallion 1 5 On Leave
United States DAL6498 Bishoy Ibrahim Red Medallion 1 2 On Leave
Brazil DAL6505 CESAR RAMALHEIRO Red Medallion 14 22 Active
United States DAL6516 Sinnisa Banjac Red Medallion 8 8 Active
United States DAL6538 Doug Miller Red Medallion 2 202 Active
Bahamas DAL6545 Shaquille McIntosh Red Medallion 8 330 Active
Brazil DAL6558 Joaquim Alberico Red Medallion 4 1032 Active
United States DAL6569 Jonah Norton Red Medallion 10 241 Active
Brazil DAL6588 Matheus Chavatta Victor Red Medallion 2 10 Active
United States DAL6594 Trevor King Red Medallion 1 1 Active
United States DAL6601 Matthew Bernard Red Medallion 17 40 Active
United States DAL6607 Franklin Okakpu Amethyst Medallion 11 220 Active
United States DAL6628 Robert Vogt Red Medallion 2 18 Active
Canada DAL6637 Jonathan Clayton Red Medallion 1 1 Active
United States DAL6638 Orlando Carrasquillo Red Medallion 15 19 Active
United States DAL6640 Andrew Myers Red Medallion 5 14 Active
Australia DAL6647 Alec Thomas Red Medallion 11 163 Active
United States DAL6661 Nicolas Merich Red Medallion 2 36 Active
United States DAL6670 Lucky Nelson Red Medallion 4 173 Active
United States DAL6680 John Hyams Red Medallion 10 188 Active
United Kingdom DAL6691 Paul Hawtin Amethyst Medallion 14 50 Active
United States DAL6712 Andrew Le Red Medallion 7 17 Active
Brazil DAL6714 Rafael Motta Red Medallion 3 2 Active
United States DAL6716 William Dolezal Red Medallion 3 4 Active
United States DAL6739 Randy Houston Emerald Medallion 65 112 Active
United States DAL6750 Reece Verrett Red Medallion 1 2 Active
United States DAL6783 Rob D Red Medallion 9 11 Active
United States DAL6827 Vince Mimbs Red Medallion 8 26 Active
United States DAL6884 Aden Jamal Red Medallion 6 26 Active
Canada DAL6888 Anthony Boivin Red Medallion 1 0 Active
United States DAL6893 Michael Steudle Red Medallion 1 5 Active
United States DAL6897 Ilya Khokhlov Amethyst Medallion 16 56 Active
United States DAL6917 Brian Walker Red Medallion 7 8 Active
Bahamas DAL6934 Ezekiel Thompson Red Medallion 5 9 Active
Mexico DAL6938 Daniel Garcia Red Medallion 2 2 Active
United States DAL6944 John Ball Red Medallion 13 32 Active
Brazil DAL6958 Silveira Andrede Red Medallion 9 35 Active
United States DAL6970 Justin Morrison Red Medallion 1 3 Active
Spain DAL6972 Néstor A Acosta Red Medallion 1 4 Active