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KBOS information

Number of Pilots: 155
Number of Flights Flown: 2711
Number of Routes Flown From KBOS: 371
Total Miles Flown: 2776812 nm
Total Hours Flown: 7581
Total Fuel Used: 31483277 lbs


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Pilot Roster for KBOS

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
United Kingdom DAL1936 David Stringer Diamond Medallion 940 3324 Active
United States DAL1954 Loren Browder Silver Medallion 174 893 On Leave
United States DAL1971 Dave Middleton Diamond Medallion 838 2310 Active
United States DAL2513 Jay Barrett Bronze Medallion 112 266 Active
United States DAL2588 Robert Funesti Gold Medallion 349 958 Active
Canada DAL2657 Jamyson Dore Red Medallion 12 52 On Leave
Pakistan DAL2767 Ali Abbas Red Medallion 15 138 On Leave
United States DAL2898 Owen Aslio Emerald Medallion 35 144 On Leave
United States DAL2978 Evan Dort Silver Medallion 151 636 On Leave
France DAL2988 Romain Grosse Red Medallion 14 186 On Leave
United States DAL3017 Clay Brown Bronze Medallion 86 205 On Leave
United States DAL3058 John Lacerda Bronze Medallion 72 507 Active
United States AA3126 Colton Miller Amethyst Medallion 42 76 On Leave
United States DAL3170 Jay Czerwinski Gold Medallion 82 515 Active
United States DAL3176 Sean Doyle Amethyst Medallion 34 881 On Leave
United States DAL3208 Justin Langosch Bronze Medallion 64 677 Active
Jamaica DAL3254 Olante Douglas Bronze Medallion 78 227 On Leave
United States DAL3266 Riley Difford Amethyst Medallion 24 92 On Leave
United States DAL3524 Ryan York Bronze Medallion 91 715 On Leave
United States DAL3545 Corey Coffua Silver Medallion 185 2418 On Leave
United States SWA3675 Nick Humphreys Amethyst Medallion 37 694 On Leave
Canada DAL3701 Colin Willems Emerald Medallion 61 224 On Leave
United States DAL3713 Owen Golding Jr Silver Medallion 126 402 Active
Brazil AA3724 Ricardo Herrera Bronze Medallion 47 407 On Leave
United States DAL3778 Phillip Peter Frederiksen Gold Medallion 154 1026 Active
United States DAL3895 Emanuel Rodriguez Emerald Medallion 111 133 Active
United States DAL3917 Jarid Masiel Red Medallion 12 20 On Leave
Chile DAL3930 Andres Sepulveda Red Medallion 3 234 On Leave
United States DAL3965 Rom Sinha Bronze Medallion 64 165 On Leave
United States DAL4177 Cullen Pinkus Red Medallion 4 738 On Leave
United States DAL4189 Nicholas Sandy Silver Medallion 164 403 Active
United States DAL4308 Keith Lovell Red Medallion 1 557 On Leave
United States DAL4383 David Wright Red Medallion 5 11 Active
United States AA4389 Patrik White Red Medallion 22 142 Active
United States DAL4468 Dale Willette Red Medallion 9 271 On Leave
Germany DAL4510 Torben Thal Red Medallion 7 43 On Leave
United States DAL4594 Justin Duclos Red Medallion 2 2 On Leave
United States DAL4656 Drew Stocker Red Medallion 2 4 On Leave
Canada DAL4727 Nicolas Boileau Silver Medallion 234 7891 Active
United Kingdom DAL4891 Michael Bamforth Red Medallion 3 505 On Leave
Puerto Rico DAL4897 Juan Torres Amethyst Medallion 27 604 On Leave
Canada DAL4906 BYUNGCHAN AHN Red Medallion 2 202 On Leave
United States DAL4929 Dakota Ferraro Red Medallion 2 99 On Leave
United States DAL4979 Austin Kukral Red Medallion 3 764 On Leave
United States DAL5006 Ben Rudd Bronze Medallion 55 246 On Leave
United States DAL5020 Donald LeBlanc Red Medallion 6 120 Active
United States DAL5074 Robert Panek Bronze Medallion 83 262 On Leave
Italy DAL5078 Matteo Oppi Bronze Medallion 42 333 Active
Russian Federation DAL5179 Yuri Firsov Red Medallion 11 189 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL5202 James Robinson Amethyst Medallion 24 65 On Leave
United States DAL5346 Brian Vigliotti Red Medallion 2 3 On Leave
United Arab Emirates DAL5357 Muhammad Danyaro Red Medallion 14 109 On Leave
Netherlands DAL5465 Fabian Shahaj Red Medallion 2 2 On Leave
United States DAL5532 Dale Gensler Red Medallion 9 16 On Leave
United States DAL5619 Tristan Proctor Red Medallion 3 220 On Leave
United States DAL5701 Richard Kneeland Red Medallion 1 103 On Leave
Canada DAL5777 Andrew Fage Red Medallion 15 33 On Leave
United States DAL5824 Hery Rakotondrainibe Red Medallion 4 58 On Leave
United States DAL6034 Wayne Klockner Red Medallion 18 234 Active
United States DAL6156 Evan Gillogly Red Medallion 5 8 On Leave
United States DAL6212 Madison Allen Red Medallion 16 413 Active
Angola DAL6263 Joao Cardoso Bronze Medallion 67 574 Active
United States DAL6292 Nick Gresla Red Medallion 6 36 Active
United States DAL6320 Tristan Zimmerman Red Medallion 1 1 On Leave
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The DAL6421 Arnaud Kasole Red Medallion 17 42 Active
Canada DAL6446 Elisee Tape Red Medallion 1 1 On Leave
Singapore DAL6463 Rhyne Tang Red Medallion 2 3 Active
United States DAL6496 Devin Dauphin Amethyst Medallion 25 99 Active
Poland DAL6561 Tomasz Kubski Red Medallion 28 2576 Active
Spain DAL6563 Iban Terron Red Medallion 8 16 Active
United States DAL6590 Ian Bowler Red Medallion 8 50 Active
United States DAL6602 Kevin McGee Red Medallion 7 11 Active
Germany DAL6608 John Smith Red Medallion 16 37 Active
United States DAL6625 Steve Klain Red Medallion 5 16 Active
United Kingdom DAL6697 Steve Jackson Red Medallion 6 15 Active
Greece DAL6770 Konstantin Parastatidis Red Medallion 1 1 Active
China DAL6781 Yanchen Ye Red Medallion 1 1004 Active
Canada DAL6926 Adam Ferneyhough Red Medallion 4 7 Active