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KCVG information

Number of Pilots: 65
Number of Flights Flown: 607
Number of Routes Flown From KCVG: 384
Total Miles Flown: 417683 nm
Total Hours Flown: 1155
Total Fuel Used: 5350637 lbs


Hub Detail

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Pilot Roster for KCVG

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
United States DAL1701 Jay Roberts Founder 717 34497 Active
United States DAL2428 Donald Wood ATP Captain 166 950 Active
United States DAL2547 Mark Urman ATP Captain 469 1664 Active
United States DAL2900 Luis Carmona ATP Captain 270 652 Active
United States DAL3055 Kayne Brown Senior Captain 25 237 On Leave
United States DAL3093 Ethan Gura ATP Captain 42 2570 Active
Germany DAL3177 Seydi Özcan ATP Captain 87 337 Active
United States DAL3437 Travis Youssef ATP Captain 172 502 On Leave
United States DAL3468 Mark Enguerra Captain 85 138 Active
United States DAL3610 Andrew Grey ATP Captain 291 817 Active
United States DAL3620 Bryan Hendricks ATP Captain 88 2286 Active
United States DAL3739 Kyle Cook ATP Captain 66 517 Active
United States DAL3933 Billy Skinner Junior Officer 6 9 On Leave
Norway DAL3943 Vetle Ektvedt Second Officer 1 39 On Leave
Canada CHA4196 Evan Whiteway Senior Captain 32 218 Active
United States DAL4253 Isaac Endreson Senior Captain 119 199 Active
United States DAL4315 Justin Sams ATP Captain 137 2073 Active
United Kingdom DAL4333 Jared Forte Second Officer 10 20 On Leave
United States DAL4355 Dee Brown Captain 18 138 On Leave
United States DAL4361 Christopher Woolbright ATP Captain 20 1641 On Leave
United States DAL4435 Brad Alford First Officer 19 51 On Leave
United States DAL4446 Christopher Thoma Junior Officer 2 3 Active
United States DAL4884 Tom Eder-KCVG ATP Captain 199 485 On Leave
United States DAL4944 Greg Newton Second Officer 2 13 On Leave
United States DAL4984 Beau Lewis First Officer 1 51 On Leave
United States DAL4989 Luke Bettis ATP Captain 1 315 On Leave
United States DAL5073 Tony Yates Senior Captain 59 209 Active
United States DAL5176 Odin Morris Junior Officer 2 2 On Leave
Puerto Rico DAL5201 Steven Rodriguez Captain 19 151 On Leave
Canada DAL5301 Eric Pedneault Second Officer 26 42 Active
United States DAL5431 Nik Stackpole Captain 64 156 Active
United States DAL5559 David Taylor Junior Officer 1 1 On Leave
United States DAL5585 Robert Zolliecoffer ATP Captain 21 950 Active
United States DAL5855 Andrew Evans Junior Officer 6 8 Active
United States DAL5872 Zachary Vogel First Officer 46 74 Active
United States DAL5888 Brandon Carroll ATP Captain 15 361 Active
United States DAL6070 Rich Pfeiffer Senior Captain 15 184 Active
United States DAL6085 Le'Will Brown Sr. Senior Captain 13 261 Active
Canada DAL6105 Kevin Goarley ATP Captain 3 524 On Leave
United States DAL6136 Tim Brueggemann Second Officer 5 16 Active
United States DAL6217 Robert Wallace Junior Officer 3 6 Active
United States Minor Outlying Islands DAL6303 Jack Crespo First Officer 4 60 Active
United States DAL6395 Paul Gutzman Junior Officer 4 6 Active
France DAL6425 Alexis Grojean Junior Officer 1 1 Active
United States DAL6438 Jeff Johnson Junior Officer 4 5 Active