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KDTW information

Number of Pilots: 97
Number of Flights Flown: 2447
Number of Routes Flown From KDTW: 1213
Total Miles Flown: 2270141 nm
Total Hours Flown: 6014
Total Fuel Used: 29795877 lbs


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Pilot Roster for KDTW

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
United States DAL2019 Gary Wilson ATP Captain 1362 8362 Active
Sweden DAL2151 Anders Samuelsson ATP Captain 188 644 Active
United Kingdom DAL2280 Taseen Chowdhury ATP Captain 218 1418 Active
United States DAL2548 Joseph Feld ATP Captain 118 368 Active
United States DAL2626 Noah Harget ATP Captain 327 1451 Active
United States AA2652 Corey Mowen First Officer 26 79 On Leave
United States DAL2731 Sean Klosa ATP Captain 169 378 Active
United States DAL2747 Marc Perry HR - VP 143 22418 Active
United States DAL2766 Peyton Chisholm Senior Captain 19 261 Active
United States DAL2918 Kurtis De Pree ATP Captain 153 665 Active
United States DAL2971 Alex McMurray Senior Captain 14 201 Active
United States DAL3033 Rylie Potter ATP Captain 61 734 Active
United States DAL3095 Zhenhao Yang ATP Captain 18 713 Active
United States DAL3144 David Henderson ATP Captain 99 349 Active
United States DAL3145 Brady Fries Captain 49 163 On Leave
United States DAL3202 Robert Touchtone Second Officer 12 18 On Leave
United States DAL3291 JaDon Bridges ATP Captain 86 444 Active
United States DAL3353 Rafael Conde ATP Captain 28 695 On Leave
United States DAL3360 Jacob Clarke ATP Captain 214 616 Active
United States DAL3388 Thomas Schrumpf Second Officer 10 24 On Leave
United States DAL3539 Jason Baker Captain 32 130 On Leave
United States DAL3580 Eric Dodd ATP Captain 71 355 On Leave
United States DAL3681 Alcibiades Pajaro ATP Captain 24 317 On Leave
United States DAL3888 Jesse Decker Second Officer 25 41 On Leave
United States DAL4001 Antonino Serra ATP Captain 35 681 On Leave
Canada DAL4133 Keanu Flavelle Captain 35 153 Active
Canada DAL4137 Nick Skog ATP Captain 22 875 On Leave
United States DAL4147 Terry Milanese Second Officer 18 18 On Leave
United States DAL4162 Mark Coglitore Junior Officer 1 1 On Leave
United States DAL4164 Taylor Kay ATP Captain 90 314 Active
United States AA4416 Brandon Demeuse First Officer 31 69 On Leave
Costa Rica JBU4451 Jelbryn Zeledon ATP Captain 21 375 On Leave
United States DAL4482 Luke Matthews Second Officer 12 19 On Leave
United States DAL4662 Neel Karia Junior Officer 1 9 On Leave
United States DAL4671 Kevin Zhang Second Officer 4 10 On Leave
United States DAL4950 Caden James Junior Officer 3 3 On Leave
United States DAL4994 Michael Bellosillo ATP Captain 234 817 Active
United States DAL5025 Aaron Yuergens ATP Captain 143 489 Active
United States DAL5088 Matt Felegy First Officer 8 70 Active
United States DAL5117 Taylor Welka ATP Captain 46 591 On Leave
United States DAL5248 Blake Greenhoe Second Officer 10 29 On Leave
United States DAL5271 Brandon Duncan ATP Captain 33 778 Active
United States DAL5309 Garrett Powell ATP Captain 31 904 On Leave
United States DAL5721 Joshua Hazelton First Officer 12 50 Active
United States DAL5766 Ryan Cohrs Junior Officer 3 6 On Leave
United States DAL5812 Daniel True Senior Captain 63 268 Active
United States DAL5854 Roei Shlagman Junior Officer 2 1 On Leave
United States DAL5878 Braden Brown Second Officer 2 29 On Leave
Canada DAL6063 Anthony Zina ATP Captain 7 426 Active
United States DAL6081 Rob Train ATP Captain 1 705 On Leave
United States DAL6110 Tyler Smith Second Officer 4 43 Active
United States DAL6125 Tom Mihelich ATP Captain 5 366 Active
United States DAL6177 Del Herwat ATP Captain 15 2293 Active
United States DAL6182 Sigmund Horn ATP Captain 130 884 Active
United States DAL6193 Leszek Kwasniowski Captain 54 158 Active
United States DAL6196 Zoey Chulski Second Officer 5 13 Active
United States DAL6224 Curtis Barrier Captain 31 165 Active
Trinidad And Tobago DAL6255 Gary Camejo Senior Captain 61 218 Active
United States DAL6306 Emanuel Thompson First Officer 5 83 Active
United States DAL6393 Marc Roe Senior Captain 4 289 Active
United States DAL6405 Cassidy Dorman ATP Captain 5 306 Active