Hub Summary

KJFK information

Number of Pilots: 291
Number of Flights Flown: 4038
Number of Routes Flown From KJFK: 566
Total Miles Flown: 5707925 nm
Total Hours Flown: 15105
Total Fuel Used: 4315337839 lbs


Hub Detail

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Pilot Roster for KJFK

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
United States DAL1876 Sean Welch Emerald Medallion 69 1130 On Leave
United States DAL1894 Matt Bagot Gold Medallion 151 1138 Active
United States DAL2047 Frank Marafiote Emerald Medallion 28 2437 On Leave
United States DAL2073 Thomas Pepe Bronze Medallion 76 8085 Active
France JBU2228 Cedric Monfleur Gold Medallion 127 635 Active
United States DAL2383 Micha Mullaly Diamond Medallion 421 3569 Active
United States DAL2438 Marcus Bane Red Medallion 12 105 On Leave
United States DAL2529 Gary Walker Silver Medallion 142 1148 Active
United States DAL2559 Sam Wheeler Red Medallion 3 305 On Leave
United States DAL2607 Alex Martinez Bronze Medallion 97 915 Active
United States DAL2695 James O'Donnell Bronze Medallion 49 150 On Leave
United States DAL2749 Deronn Smith Bronze Medallion 109 2235 Active
United States DAL2829 Richard Hirsch Emerald Medallion 64 129 Active
United States DAL2960 Cameron Cruz Gold Medallion 398 715 Active
Italy DAL3042 Diego Sobrero Bronze Medallion 72 152 Active
United Kingdom DAL3076 Matthew Bracey Emerald Medallion 38 122 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL3083 Alex Ray Silver Medallion 68 892 Active
United States DAL3283 Andres Hurtado Bronze Medallion 62 199 On Leave
Denmark DAL3732 Samuel May Bronze Medallion 21 362 On Leave
United States UPS3847 Oscar Rodriguez Red Medallion 12 27 On Leave
Canada DAL4438 Michael Orsini Red Medallion 4 17 On Leave
Germany DAL4444 ├Łannick Teutsch Emerald Medallion 29 498 On Leave
United States FFT4457 Sean Syers Red Medallion 11 217 On Leave
United States FFT4464 Kyle Kubik Red Medallion 7 31 On Leave
United States DAL4519 Andrew Joynes Red Medallion 7 153 On Leave
United States DAL4527 Kyle Kato Red Medallion 7 577 On Leave
United States DAL4564 Nathaniel Krish Emerald Medallion 55 105 On Leave
Australia DAL4613 Doug Ewen Red Medallion 2 4 On Leave
United States AA4642 Alexander Morillo Amethyst Medallion 17 599 On Leave
Estonia DAL4661 Rihard Liiva Red Medallion 7 245 On Leave
United States DAL4717 Levi Greenberger Amethyst Medallion 18 62 On Leave
United States DAL4743 Michael Arant Emerald Medallion 66 1167 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL4775 James Crisp Red Medallion 1 1 On Leave
Brazil DAL4867 Almir Marques Red Medallion 1 101 On Leave
United States DAL4954 Ryan Kozlowski Red Medallion 2 2 On Leave
United States DAL4958 Efrain Davila Gold Medallion 189 3406 Active
United States DAL4972 Alexander Tambiev Red Medallion 2 171 On Leave
Brazil DAL4977 Rafael Lima Red Medallion 5 12 On Leave
France DAL4982 Vincent Fournil Red Medallion 9 17 On Leave
United States DAL5005 Francisco Feliz Amethyst Medallion 20 553 On Leave
Barbados DAL5009 Alexander Pilgrim Red Medallion 11 216 On Leave
Canada DAL5010 Lex Reid Red Medallion 2 164 On Leave
United States DAL5015 Justin Cummings Red Medallion 7 204 On Leave
Brazil DAL5022 Fabio Alencar Amethyst Medallion 20 61 On Leave
United States DAL5057 Joshua Rivera Silver Medallion 70 322 Active
Canada DAL5095 Reuben Polansky Red Medallion 19 69 On Leave
United States DAL5119 Anthony Scamardella Red Medallion 12 24 On Leave
United States DAL5136 Bill Pratt Red Medallion 4 9 On Leave
United States DAL5149 Luke Hache Emerald Medallion 82 132 Active
United States DAL5166 Ahmed Jamal Red Medallion 1 2 On Leave
United States DAL5177 Jared Sokol Red Medallion 1 5 On Leave
United States DAL5199 Ayler Cruz Red Medallion 1 152 On Leave
United States DAL5213 Colin Harleman Red Medallion 1 6 Active
Mexico DAL5234 Miguel Merlin Red Medallion 7 12 On Leave
Denmark DAL5304 Jacob Mikkelsen Red Medallion 1 1 On Leave
Canada DAL5364 Steven Allen Emerald Medallion 52 3986 On Leave
United States DAL5366 Brandon Euzebe Silver Medallion 102 413 Active
Brazil DAL5473 Igor Prell Red Medallion 11 1336 On Leave
United States DAL5487 Rich Mitchell Emerald Medallion 42 466 Active
Denmark DAL5517 Jakob Elaaidi Red Medallion 10 46 On Leave
United States DAL5530 Daniel Cabrera Red Medallion 4 5 On Leave
United States DAL5616 Alex Molinaro Red Medallion 13 32 Active
United States DAL5652 Jordan M DeAngelo Silver Medallion 148 550 Active
United States DAL5658 Jonathan Halverson Red Medallion 9 81 On Leave
United States DAL5680 Raphael Weiner Red Medallion 2 3 On Leave
Sweden DAL5683 Martin Dahl Red Medallion 2 1 On Leave
United States DAL5696 Daniel MacLaury Red Medallion 5 9 On Leave
United States DAL5744 Justin Ragsdale Bronze Medallion 83 353 Active
United States DAL5749 Johnatan Smith Red Medallion 19 19 Active
United Kingdom DAL5778 Neil Warman Red Medallion 8 986 On Leave
United States DAL5795 Bryan Kelley Amethyst Medallion 43 149 Active
United States DAL5799 Parth Pandya Red Medallion 18 100 Active
United States DAL5800 Oscar Ortega Red Medallion 1 3 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL5840 James Martignone Emerald Medallion 48 2416 On Leave
Brazil DAL5842 Guilherme Lyra Red Medallion 12 26 On Leave
India DAL5863 Yuvraj Modi Amethyst Medallion 6 3035 On Leave
United States DAL5890 Eric Bober Red Medallion 1 0 On Leave
Canada DAL5915 Bahaa Mahdi Red Medallion 3 13 On Leave
United States DAL5929 Linus Zwaka Red Medallion 5 6 On Leave
United States DAL5945 Roberto Natera Amethyst Medallion 35 81 Active
Brazil DAL5957 Jorge Gibin Red Medallion 1 2202 On Leave
United States DAL5971 Sanjay Ganesh Red Medallion 12 57 On Leave
United States DAL5981 Joel Zimmerman Silver Medallion 86 435 Active
United States DAL5989 Trevor DeLong Red Medallion 1 1 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL5998 Chris Nicholson Red Medallion 1 2 Active
United States DAL6000 Andrew Clark Red Medallion 1 1 On Leave
United States DAL6022 Chris Taylor Red Medallion 8 12 On Leave
Italy DAL6026 Thomas Amaranto Red Medallion 1 2 On Leave
United States DAL6030 Matthew Kobiolka Emerald Medallion 13 827 Active
Israel DAL6066 Eyal Shitrit Red Medallion 1 3 On Leave
Norway DAL6092 Henning Larsen Red Medallion 11 365 Active
South Africa DAL6139 Emanuel Mdluli Red Medallion 1 2 On Leave
United States DAL6142 Adrian Cruz Bronze Medallion 64 277 Active
Brazil DAL6157 Anderson Gilliard Da Silva Red Medallion 14 44 Active
Germany DAL6184 Thiago Braun Red Medallion 6 85 On Leave
United States DAL6202 Thomas Campagnola Red Medallion 2 4 On Leave
United States DAL6273 Matthew Ellis Red Medallion 8 19 On Leave
United States DAL6278 Nick Birbilis Bronze Medallion 35 470 Active
United States DAL6344 Jonathan Cruz-Vergara Red Medallion 1 303 On Leave
United States DAL6396 Ralph Montilla Jr. Amethyst Medallion 19 72 Active
United States DAL6510 Riley Difford Red Medallion 7 13 Active
Brazil DAL6515 Matheus Carvalho Red Medallion 4 10 On Leave
United States DAL6523 Jourdain Spivey Bronze Medallion 47 187 Active
United States DAL6530 Gary Kinsman Red Medallion 17 42 Active
Mexico DAL6549 Jean Guerra Red Medallion 8 5343 Active
United States DAL6568 Joseph Moore Red Medallion 1 11 On Leave
United States DAL6595 Joe Miracle Red Medallion 3 348 Active
United States DAL6600 Zanding Cristian Red Medallion 1 172 Active
DAL6603 Victor Bellenie Red Medallion 3 8 Active
Spain DAL6609 Misael Rodriguez Amethyst Medallion 12 119 Active
Panama DAL6610 Abdul Omais Red Medallion 1 1 Active
Spain DAL6614 Mario Jimenez Amethyst Medallion 10 200 Active
Estonia DAL6620 Sebastian Pebsen Red Medallion 1 151 Active
Canada DAL6630 Patrick Neyens-Lopez Red Medallion 3 705 Active
South Africa DAL6651 Matthew Jocelyn Red Medallion 4 7 Active
Portugal DAL6679 Gui Alegre Red Medallion 1 17 Active
United States DAL6710 Nat Pipitone Red Medallion 7 9 Active
United States DAL6718 Walker Lasbury Red Medallion 2 0 Active
Australia DAL6724 Ryan Murphy Red Medallion 3 7 Active
United States DAL6727 Eric Song Red Medallion 1 0 Active
United Kingdom DAL6765 Dylan Baines Red Medallion 1 1 Active
Czech Republic DAL6785 Samuel Peterka Red Medallion 1 1 Active
United States DAL6810 Alec Velez Red Medallion 1 1 Active
Brazil DAL6831 Samuel Batista Red Medallion 1 2 Active
Germany DAL6881 Thorsten Krueger Red Medallion 2 5 Active
Mexico DAL6887 Ander Turueno Red Medallion 7 17 Active
Canada DAL6895 Nicola Fournier Red Medallion 8 25 Active
United States DAL6932 Filip Radojcic Red Medallion 10 21 Active
Czech Republic DAL6956 Jan Drbohlav Red Medallion 4 18 Active
United States DAL6962 Carter Simons Red Medallion 10 34 Active
United Kingdom DAL6968 Cory Brayshaw Red Medallion 3 9 Active