Hub Summary

KJFK information

Number of Pilots: 162
Number of Flights Flown: 3155
Number of Routes Flown From KJFK: 1130
Total Miles Flown: 4597819 nm
Total Hours Flown: 11412
Total Fuel Used: 51169604 lbs


Hub Detail

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Pilot Roster for KJFK

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines DAL1778 Delroy John ATP Captain 116 726 On Leave
United States DAL1876 Sean Welch ATP Captain 62 1115 Active
United States DAL1894 Matt Bagot ATP Captain 85 864 Active
United States DAL2047 Frank Marafiote ATP Captain 25 2431 Active
United States DAL2072 Joseph Shim Senior Captain 25 235 On Leave
United States DAL2073 Thomas Pepe ATP Captain 51 8028 Active
France JBU2228 Cedric Monfleur ATP Captain 88 421 Active
Finland DAL2258 Jere Aarnia ATP Captain 8 2055 On Leave
United States DAL2357 Matthew VanDeventer Second Officer 8 13 On Leave
United States DAL2383 Micha Mullaly ATP Captain 269 3004 Active
United States DAL2438 Marcus Bane Captain 12 105 Active
Greece DAL2443 George Pap ATP Captain 2 604 On Leave
United States DAL2466 Ben Reed Second Officer 2 27 On Leave
United States DAL2523 Jamie Perkins Junior Officer 2 9 On Leave
United States DAL2529 Gary Walker ATP Captain 103 962 Active
Barbados DAL2535 Travon Nicholls Junior Officer 1 1 On Leave
United States DAL2559 Sam Wheeler ATP Captain 3 305 Active
United States DAL2607 Alex Martinez ATP Captain 38 803 Active
United States DAL2633 Jay Hynes-JFK HM ATP Captain 77 1341 Active
United States DAL2667 Joe Bauco Captain 1 104 On Leave
United States DAL2695 James O'Donnell Captain 46 144 Active
United States DAL2749 Deronn Smith ATP Captain 55 2112 Active
United Kingdom DAL2760 Chris McKeon Second Officer 1 22 On Leave
Colombia DAL2793 Sebastian Davalos First Officer 2 93 On Leave
United States DAL2829 Richard Hirsch First Officer 30 61 Active
New Zealand AA2932 Corey Langford Senior Captain 15 184 Active
Italy DAL3042 Diego Sobrero First Officer 39 92 Active
United Kingdom DAL3076 Matthew Bracey Captain 38 122 Active
United Kingdom DAL3083 Alex Ray ATP Captain 30 683 Active
United States DAL3283 Andres Hurtado Senior Captain 62 199 Active
United States UPS3847 Oscar Rodriguez Second Officer 12 27 Active
Canada DAL4438 Michael Orsini Second Officer 4 17 Active
Germany DAL4444 ├Łannick Teutsch ATP Captain 29 498 Active
United States FFT4457 Sean Syers Senior Captain 4 208 Active
United States DAL4519 Andrew Joynes Captain 7 153 Active
United States DAL4527 Kyle Kato ATP Captain 7 577 Active
United States DAL4564 Nathaniel Krish First Officer 29 50 Active
United States DAL4583 Benjamin Schine Second Officer 7 29 Active
Australia DAL4613 Doug Ewen Junior Officer 2 4 Active
United States AA4642 Alexander Morillo ATP Captain 17 599 Active
Estonia DAL4661 Rihard Liiva Senior Captain 5 243 Active
United States DAL4717 Levi Greenberger First Officer 17 52 Active
United States DAL4743 Michael Arant ATP Captain 59 1150 Active
United Kingdom DAL4775 James Crisp Junior Officer 1 1 Active
Brazil DAL4867 Almir Marques Captain 1 101 Active
United States DAL4954 Ryan Kozlowski Junior Officer 1 1 Active
United States DAL4958 Efrain Davila ATP Captain 43 2913 Active
United States DAL4972 Alexander Tambiev Captain 2 171 Active
France DAL4982 Vincent Fournil Second Officer 9 17 Active
United States DAL5005 Francisco Feliz ATP Captain 12 532 Active
Barbados DAL5009 Alexander Pilgrim Senior Captain 11 216 Active
Canada DAL5010 Lex Reid Captain 2 164 Active
United States DAL5015 Justin Cummings Senior Captain 7 204 Active
Brazil DAL5022 Fabio Alencar First Officer 20 61 Active
United States DAL5057 Joshua Rivera Second Officer 4 13 Active
Afghanistan DAL5095 Reuben Polansky First Officer 13 59 Active
United States DAL5119 Anthony Scamardella Second Officer 11 22 Active
United States DAL5136 Bill Pratt Junior Officer 4 9 Active
United States DAL5166 Ahmed Jamal Junior Officer 1 2 Active
United States DAL5177 Jared Sokol Junior Officer 1 5 Active
United States DAL5199 Ayler Cruz Captain 1 152 Active
Denmark DAL5304 Jacob Mikkelsen Junior Officer 1 1 Active