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KLAX information

Number of Pilots: 220
Number of Flights Flown: 4368
Number of Routes Flown From KLAX: 2014
Total Miles Flown: 6732357 nm
Total Hours Flown: 16436
Total Fuel Used: 92554688 lbs


Hub Detail

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Pilot Roster for KLAX

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
United States DAL2016 Evan Hellman ATP Captain 92 479 Active
United States DAL2020 Joshua Borges- LAX HM ATP Captain 114 733 Active
United States DAL2026 David Hawley ATP Captain 37 336 On Leave
China DAL2063 Shengping Liu ATP Captain 167 652 Active
United States DAL2279 Christopher Britt Captain 41 122 On Leave
United States DAL2486 Junar Bulatao ATP Captain 102 622 On Leave
United States DAL2512 Josh Welte Second Officer 22 41 Active
United States DAL2541 Kevin Donovan ATP Captain 224 2001 Active
United States DAL2632 Amrick Dhillon ATP Captain 82 1806 On Leave
United States DAL2639 William Garton ATP Captain 215 559 Active
United States DAL2670 Ariel Wesler Captain 8 157 On Leave
United States AA2704 Aundrey Sanchez ATP Captain 145 462 Active
United States DAL2799 Dante Johnson ATP Captain 227 1389 On Leave
United States DAL3019 Peyton Vali ATP Captain 180 914 Active
United States DAL3044 Eric Fisher Senior Captain 22 178 On Leave
United States DAL3125 Sasha Moser ATP Captain 432 2574 Active
United States AA3244 Trevor Larsen ATP Captain 36 348 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL3253 Ian Clarke ATP Captain 40 1441 On Leave
United States AA3341 JC Sicat ATP Captain 59 361 Active
United States DAL3354 Douglas Schmidt ATP Captain 270 2639 Active
United States DAL3537 Max Ferguson Captain 8 107 On Leave
United States DAL3571 James Henriksen ATP Captain 158 969 Active
United States DAL3825 William Ho Senior Captain 54 175 Active
Australia DAL4182 Connor Jones ATP Captain 27 539 On Leave
United States DAL4312 Jason Baker Captain 37 125 On Leave
Brazil DAL4410 Claudio Marinho ATP Captain 8 915 On Leave
Costa Rica AA4452 Leonardo Corrales Junior Officer 2 4 On Leave
United States DAL4533 Christian Kovanen Junior Officer 1 0 On Leave
United States DAL4540 Matthew Orme Senior Captain 1 175 On Leave
United States DAL4541 Cameron Palmer ATP Captain 1 817 On Leave
United States DAL4556 Andrea Ventura First Officer 43 84 On Leave
United States QTR4557 Filip Radojcic Second Officer 9 12 On Leave
United States DAL4563 Agustine Juarez Junior Officer 1 0 On Leave
Denmark DAL4579 Niklas Bjerre Junior Officer 2 5 On Leave
United States DAL4592 Christopher Hopkins Second Officer 9 23 On Leave
South Africa DAL4629 Arno Coetzee Junior Officer 1 1 On Leave
United States DAL4648 Christopher DeMarco Captain 37 135 Active
United States DAL4709 Mycko Sanchez Second Officer 15 33 On Leave
Australia DAL4721 Chris Formby Junior Officer 5 4 On Leave
Sweden JBU4734 Gerald Folsom Senior Captain 17 207 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL4849 Brandon Whittle Junior Officer 1 8 On Leave
United States DAL4860 Albert Prislac Junior Officer 1 3 On Leave
United States DAL4886 Ray Almario ATP Captain 55 1355 Active
Brazil DAL4981 Julio Dalla Costa ATP Captain 1 514 On Leave
United States DAL4998 Mason Kutruff Captain 8 107 On Leave
United States DAL5029 Kevin Dexter Second Officer 37 49 On Leave
United States DAL5051 Vladimir Kozina ATP Captain 9 1249 On Leave
United States DAL5061 Jaden Herman Junior Officer 5 8 Active
United States DAL5085 Jackson Page Junior Officer 1 2 On Leave
Australia DAL5103 Connor Amato Junior Officer 1 0 On Leave
Germany DAL5110 Miguel Ribeiro Captain 2 132 On Leave
United States DAL5153 Carlos Tello First Officer 33 87 Active
United States DAL5169 Mark Stapledon Jr. ATP Captain 8 1138 On Leave
United States DAL5170 Nathan Hamberg Second Officer 3 22 On Leave
United States DAL5182 Ryan Kish First Officer 1 86 On Leave
United States DAL5207 Jin Xi Senior Captain 27 271 Active
United States DAL5233 John Baker Junior Officer 3 7 On Leave
China DAL5244 Shiyang Zhou Junior Officer 2 4 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL5253 JASON GREEN Junior Officer 1 1 On Leave
United States DAL5307 Peter Bajer-Tupaj Second Officer 20 36 Active
United States DAL5308 Alex Batty Second Officer 12 28 Active
United States DAL5339 George Grosvenor ATP Captain 159 481 Active
United States DAL5396 Tyler Mullennax ATP Captain 162 433 On Leave
United States DAL5469 Ryan Alex Junior Officer 4 6 On Leave
United States DAL5483 Garrett Somers ATP Captain 7 390 On Leave
Brazil DAL5509 CRISTIAN MENDES Junior Officer 1 0 On Leave
United States DAL5519 Michael Williams | LAX AHM First Officer 17 87 On Leave
United States DAL5536 Travis Summers Junior Officer 2 6 On Leave
Germany DAL5594 Michael Kolodziej ATP Captain 23 1084 Active
Poland DAL5651 Marcin Kowalczyk Senior Captain 92 276 Active
United States DAL5692 David Vejar Junior Officer 5 5 Active
United States DAL5704 Phillip Justice Junior Officer 5 8 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL5711 Daniel Dewar Junior Officer 1 0 On Leave
United States DAL5729 Kevin Hoyes Junior Officer 1 1 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL5762 Rez Alam Junior Officer 4 4 On Leave
United States DAL5797 Cayden Smith Senior Captain 31 281 Active
Norway DAL5830 Max Hølzer Second Officer 13 31 Active
United States DAL5839 Cole West ATP Captain 3 429 On Leave
United States DAL5857 Joe Brann Junior Officer 1 1 On Leave
United States DAL5889 Evan Poe Senior Captain 11 193 Active
Sweden DAL5969 Alexander Lundholm Captain 20 147 Active
Brazil DAL5974 Lorenzo Grecco Junior Officer 7 6 Active
United States DAL5983 Andy Cappella KLAX AHM Second Officer 20 37 On Leave
United States DAL6012 Steve Fetters Senior Captain 9 291 Active
United States DAL6044 Dana Wiles ATP Captain 22 1734 Active
Mexico DAL6054 Rodrigo Garcin Senior Captain 51 239 Active
United States DAL6055 Paul Ricardo San Roman Poblet Junior Officer 4 4 On Leave
United States DAL6058 Brant Marshall First Officer 7 50 Active
United States DAL6074 Malek Yehya Second Officer 4 10 On Leave
United States DAL6106 Darren Quigley Junior Officer 1 1 Active
Philippines DAL6121 Shaun Ona Junior Officer 1 1 On Leave
United States DAL6129 Trystan Bates ATP Captain 4 429 Active
United States DAL6140 James Butler ATP Captain 13 543 Active
United States DAL6152 Luke Razin Senior Captain 51 223 Active
United States DAL6169 Adrian Torres Junior Officer 2 1 Active
United States DAL6185 Jeremy Mumau Junior Officer 3 7 Active
Czech Republic DAL6194 Viktor Dolezal Junior Officer 4 8 Active
United States DAL6220 Tiago Silva Second Officer 11 43 Active
United States DAL6230 Nathan Pimentel Junior Officer 2 1 Active
United States DAL6236 Austin Kennedy Junior Officer 3 2 Active
United States DAL6241 John Buckner First Officer 4 70 Active
Canada DAL6321 Suliman Antonio Dahi Melendez First Officer 8 82 Active
United States DAL6333 Brayden Link First Officer 9 53 Active
United States DAL6351 Pedro Torres Senior Captain 17 190 Active
Mexico DAL6372 Alberto Cuetara ATP Captain 2 304 Active
Bahamas DAL6374 Rajiv Forbes Second Officer 5 15 Active
United States DAL6375 Jeremy Russell Second Officer 17 39 Active
United States DAL6389 Neil Udulutch Junior Officer 1 4 Active