Hub Summary

KLAX information

Number of Pilots: 99
Number of Flights Flown: 2851
Number of Routes Flown From KLAX: 1208
Total Miles Flown: 4498542 nm
Total Hours Flown: 10758
Total Fuel Used: 57227347 lbs


Hub Detail

KLAX map

Pilot Roster for KLAX

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
United States DAL1701 Jay Roberts Founder 457 33819 Active
United States DAL1728 Branden Johnson ATP Captain 58 416 On Leave
Mexico DAL1881 Hector Gallardo ATP Captain 36 518 On Leave
United States DAL1948 Wes Loeffler Senior Captain 23 273 On Leave
United States DAL2016 Evan Hellman ATP Captain 68 429 Active
United States DAL2020 Joshua Borges ATP Captain 82 677 Active
United States DAL2026 David Hawley ATP Captain 37 336 On Leave
United States DAL2059 Trevor King Captain 4 167 On Leave
United States DAL2062 Niles Tilenius Captain 29 154 On Leave
United States DAL2101 Danny Jenkins First Officer 12 11 On Leave
United States SWA2220 James Lynch Captain 25 102 On Leave
United States UPS2281 Chris Hart Captain 2 151 On Leave
United States DAL2346 Michael Turner First Officer 3 9 On Leave
United States DAL2379 Chandru Radjassegarane First Officer 9 32 On Leave
United States DAL2473 Reese O'Leary First Officer 1 74 On Leave
Australia DAL2480 Ben Harvey First Officer 1 2 On Leave
United States DAL2541 Kevin Donovan ATP Captain 145 1389 Active
Canada DAL2543 Jordan Baxter ATP Captain 1 339 On Leave
Canada DAL2586 Nick Mrozek First Officer 1 8 On Leave
Denmark DAL2587 Jakob Thomsen ATP Captain 9 1032 On Leave
United States AA2595 Rameesh Stewart Captain 5 115 On Leave
Canada DAL2609 Denzel Pinto ATP Captain 3 560 On Leave
United States DAL2632 Amrick Dhillon ATP Captain 60 1658 Active
United States DAL2639 William Garton ATP Captain 144 390 Active
United States DAL2670 Ariel Wesler Captain 8 157 Active
United States DAL2684 Tj Satterfield First Officer 6 30 On Leave
United States AA2704 Aundrey Sanchez Senior Captain 81 229 Active
United States AA2714 Deysi Morales First Officer 2 9 On Leave
United States DAL2751 Frederick Sadler Senior Captain 1 236 On Leave
United Kingdom SWA2840 Jonas Hey ATP Captain 3 2502 On Leave
United States DAL3019 Peyton Vali ATP Captain 83 475 Active
United States DAL3044 Eric Fisher Senior Captain 22 178 Active
United States AA3244 Trevor Larsen ATP Captain 24 301 Active
United Kingdom DAL3253 Ian Clarke ATP Captain 12 1342 Active
United States DAL3537 Max Ferguson First Officer 4 96 Active
United States DAL3571 James Henriksen ATP Captain 66 592 Active
United States DAL3825 William Ho First Officer 9 18 Active
Australia DAL4182 Connor Jones ATP Captain 14 511 Active
United Kingdom DAL4287 Martin Keen First Officer 2 3 Active
United States DAL4312 Jason Baker First Officer 19 42 Active
United States DAL4533 Christian Kovanen First Officer 1 0 Active
United States DAL4540 Matthew Orme Senior Captain 1 175 Active
United States DAL4541 Cameron Palmer ATP Captain 1 817 Active
United States DAL4556 Andrea Ventura First Officer 3 6 Active
United States QTR4557 Filip Radojcic First Officer 5 7 Active
United States DAL4558 Tim Court First Officer 5 10 Active
United States DAL4592 Christopher Hopkins First Officer 1 0 Active