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KLGA information

Number of Pilots: 117
Number of Flights Flown: 1666
Number of Routes Flown From KLGA: 1147
Total Miles Flown: 1058892 nm
Total Hours Flown: 3248
Total Fuel Used: 9294146 lbs


Hub Detail

KLGA map

Pilot Roster for KLGA

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
Dominica AA2863 Kashiff Collins Senior Captain 25 642 Active
United States DAL2904 Brandon Mckay Senior Captain 64 411 Active
United States DAL3308 Darren Esannason Senior Captain 34 1341 Active
United States DAL3392 Carlyle Miller Senior Captain 327 8036 Active
United States DAL3440 Chris Cerquoz Captain 130 246 Active
United States DAL3531 John Erickson Senior Captain 62 334 Active
United States DAL3706 Sergio Lucas Senior Captain 41 2141 Active
United States DAL4942 Winston Quan Senior First Officer 21 84 Active
United States DAL4978 Hal Butts Senior Captain 134 10196 Active
United States DAL5230 Bill Tontala First Officer 25 43 On Leave
United States DAL5293 Deandre Holloway Captain 86 235 Active
United States DAL5338 Israel Reyes Senior First Officer 2 97 On Leave
Brazil DAL5574 Cristiano Queiroz Captain 17 152 Active
Canada DAL5679 Jeremy Tichy Senior Captain 18 411 On Leave
United States DAL5987 Peter Panzini First Officer 17 21 On Leave
United States DAL6025 John Vaughan First Officer 1 1 On Leave
Italy DAL6075 Massimiliano Panico First Officer 6 11 On Leave
Norway DAL6076 Thomas Olsen First Officer 1 2 On Leave
United States DAL6095 Tim Court Captain 34 186 Active
United States DAL6126 Doug Grotke First Officer 25 33 Active
United States DAL6134 Eric Krumm Senior First Officer 2 58 On Leave
United States DAL6216 Jacob Fordyce First Officer 2 20 Active
Japan DAL6345 Patrick Murphy Senior Captain 36 401 Active
India DAL6527 Anup Simha First Officer 17 19 Active
Canada DAL6653 Ben Dowler Senior First Officer 2 76 Active