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KLGA information

Number of Pilots: 79
Number of Flights Flown: 1020
Number of Routes Flown From KLGA: 979
Total Miles Flown: 729054 nm
Total Hours Flown: 2322
Total Fuel Used: 5980955 lbs


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Pilot Roster for KLGA

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
Canada DAL1957 Jonathan Morrissey ATP Captain 24 694 On Leave
United States DAL2064 Dhagash Kapadia- KLGA ATP Captain 107 2248 Active
Germany DAL2071 Len Vasilev ATP Captain 104 446 On Leave
Switzerland DAL2398 Marcello Chiew Captain 15 136 Active
United States DAL2410 Leonardo Theodorakatos Captain 18 107 On Leave
United States DAL2526 Thomas Bolger Captain 2 170 On Leave
United States DAL2710 Matt Noe First Officer 3 2 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL2712 Dan Edwards ATP Captain 1 602 On Leave
United States AA2756 Johnny Bell ATP Captain 31 2042 Active
Dominica AA2863 Kashiff Collins ATP Captain 20 622 Active
United States DAL2904 Brandon Mckay Senior Captain 18 285 Active
United States DAL3198 James Renton ATP Captain 112 342 Active
Chile DAL3213 Cristobal Catalan Captain 29 160 Active
United States DAL3308 Darren Esannason ATP Captain 12 1303 Active
Germany SWA3329 Liv Mruck First Officer 23 66 Active
United States AA3341 JC Sicat Senior Captain 36 222 Active
United States DAL3387 Robert Goldberg Senior Captain 19 278 Active
United States DAL3392 Carlyle Miller ATP Captain 119 7346 Active
Bahamas DAL3415 Gerald Williams-Bartlett Senior Captain 20 274 Active
Jamaica DAL3423 Panagiotis Sachinis Senior Captain 13 258 Active
United States DAL3440 Chris Cerquoz First Officer 49 91 Active
United States DAL3493 Zaki Mamtaz ATP Captain 1 844 On Leave
United States DAL3504 Manuel Acosta First Officer 23 64 Active
United States DAL3531 John Erickson Captain 14 166 Active
Barbados DAL3549 Gregory Grimes First Officer 34 59 Active
United States DAL3706 Sergio Lucas ATP Captain 23 2095 Active
United States DAL4180 Tony Shade ATP Captain 59 1224 Active
United States DAL4493 Stephen Sigmon First Officer 1 18 Active
United States AA4587 Jorge De Sedas ATP Captain 18 1677 Active