Hub Summary

KMSP information

Number of Pilots: 122
Number of Flights Flown: 2896
Number of Routes Flown From KMSP: 1213
Total Miles Flown: 2433120 nm
Total Hours Flown: 6688
Total Fuel Used: 27324871 lbs


Hub Detail

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Pilot Roster for KMSP

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
United States DAL1753 Ethan Porter ATP Captain 388 1434 Active
United States DAL1759 Bob Pracheil ATP Captain 105 2124 Active
United States DAL2024 Craig Herndon ATP Captain 54 794 On Leave
United States DAL2032 John Sanders-KMSP ATP Captain 107 2137 On Leave
United States DAL2456 Zach Frank ATP Captain 358 876 Active
United States DAL2477 Brian Strike ATP Captain 83 396 On Leave
United States DAL2527 Justin Kelly Captain 3 121 On Leave
United States DAL2633 Jay Haynes - COO ATP Captain 82 1366 Active
United States DAL2794 Corey Buhl Captain 102 133 On Leave
United States DAL2890 Mitchell Taydus Second Officer 30 36 Active
United States DAL2972 Mike Christianson ATP Captain 30 409 Active
United States DAL3094 Brian Parker First Officer 12 54 On Leave
United States AA3320 Christopher Howfield ATP Captain 353 2202 Active
United States DAL3337 Josh Deans Second Officer 27 46 On Leave
United States DAL3644 Erik Davidson ATP Captain 214 993 Active
United States DAL3936 Liam Murphy ATP Captain 20 353 On Leave
United States DAL4134 Elias Strikos ATP Captain 179 772 Active
Bahamas DAL4168 Dimitri Rolle Captain 104 138 Active
Hungary DAL4169 Alex Sandor Papp ATP Captain 3 812 On Leave
United States AA4170 Patrick Mosur Second Officer 15 40 On Leave
United States DAL4174 Steve Moerdyk ATP Captain 8 780 On Leave
United States KLM4193 Sarun Kumdoung Captain 53 136 Active
United States DAL4195 Manny Ramirez ATP Captain 143 689 Active
United States DAL4200 Anthony Edwards Senior Captain 3 292 Banned
United States DAL4237 Chandler Stockwell Second Officer 8 29 Active
United States DAL4278 Mason Herrig Junior Officer 3 4 On Leave
United States DAL4283 Eric Quasney Junior Officer 2 1 On Leave
United States DAL4327 John Vaughan Second Officer 16 34 On Leave
United States DAL4380 Brett Jones Senior Captain 1 226 On Leave
United States DAL4601 Amin Halimah Senior Captain 37 204 On Leave
United States DAL4638 Ben Ashton First Officer 40 90 On Leave
United States DAL4731 Jake Dawson ATP Captain 18 603 Active
United States DAL4732 Brandon Hanley ATP Captain 3 1032 On Leave
United States DAL5001 Logan Crary Second Officer 7 26 On Leave
Portugal DAL5055 Miguel Costa Junior Officer 2 3 On Leave
United States DAL5081 Tyler Kavanaugh Junior Officer 7 9 On Leave
United States DAL5168 Tyler Routhe Junior Officer 2 3 Active
United States DAL5221 Alec Main First Officer 39 61 Active
United States DAL5326 Joshua Fastnacht Captain 34 130 Active
Canada DAL5344 Nathan Abercrombie Second Officer 17 46 On Leave
United States DAL5406 Daniel Koepp ATP Captain 87 1172 Active
United States DAL5426 Brandon Dionne Junior Officer 4 7 On Leave
United States DAL5446 Hayden Cook Captain 23 121 Active
United States DAL5466 Blake Moore ATP Captain 10 2111 Active
United States DAL5489 Danny Moore ATP Captain 43 3796 Active
Italy DAL5499 Massimo Solimbergo ATP Captain 1 829 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL5547 James Mahon Captain 1 102 On Leave
United States DAL5590 Ben Gebbie ATP Captain 37 359 Active
United States DAL5712 Brent Baker Junior Officer 5 9 Active
United States DAL5719 Tyler Gustafson First Officer 20 50 On Leave
United States DAL5755 Dan DeBartolo Senior Captain 59 203 Active
United States DAL5846 Brad Douglas ATP Captain 10 2876 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL5871 Will Tearne Junior Officer 1 3 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL5879 Nigel Kemble Junior Officer 4 6 On Leave
United States DAL5887 Travis Normandin ATP Captain 7 324 Active
United States DAL5891 PJ Fiske ATP Captain 6 7663 On Leave
United States DAL5917 Jordan Cohen Captain 28 101 Active
United States DAL5918 Steve Elliott First Officer 20 64 Active
United States DAL5934 Jesse Kovacs ATP Captain 4 407 Active
United Kingdom DAL5942 Brenden Quinn Second Officer 11 19 Active
United States DAL5966 Justin Grimm Captain 30 133 Active
United Kingdom DAL5995 Pete Jones ATP Captain 14 1146 On Leave
United States DAL6064 Ethan Wallenberg Second Officer 17 24 Active
United States DAL6067 Joe Vendemia First Officer 45 82 Active
United States DAL6083 Benjamin Kepley First Officer 7 56 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL6096 Scott Urista Junior Officer 1 6 On Leave
United States DAL6154 Tyler Johnson ATP Captain 58 308 Active
United States DAL6170 Eric Malikowski ATP Captain 11 390 Active
United States DAL6198 Micah Baganz ATP Captain 18 1261 Active
United States DAL6208 Alexander Gornakov ATP Captain 30 501 Active
United States DAL6291 Chad Simpson Captain 22 125 Active
Iran, Islamic Republic Of DAL6314 Ehsan Jozi Captain 11 114 Active
United States DAL6319 Jason Lohrenz Junior Officer 3 3 Active
United States DAL6353 Zach Avery Second Officer 9 20 Active
United States DAL6386 Devin Perkins Junior Officer 2 2 Active
Netherlands DAL6387 Reinder Boer Junior Officer 1 3 Active
United States DAL6406 Matt Middleton Second Officer 7 16 Active
Italy DAL6431 Marco Paciello Junior Officer 2 3 Active
United States DAL6512 Spencer Yendell Junior Officer 1 1 Active