Hub Summary

KMSP information

Number of Pilots: 95
Number of Flights Flown: 1681
Number of Routes Flown From KMSP: 1033
Total Miles Flown: 1419495 nm
Total Hours Flown: 3706
Total Fuel Used: 15445607 lbs


Hub Detail

KMSP map

Pilot Roster for KMSP

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
United States DAL1759 Bob Pracheil ATP Captain 66 2042 Active
United States DAL1802 CJ Sirls ATP Captain 16 526 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL1968 Elliott Brown First Officer 4 2 On Leave
United States DAL1969 Robert Moncrieff Senior Captain 3 295 On Leave
United States DAL2032 John Sanders-KMSP ATP Captain 68 1824 Active
United States DAL2272 Kevin Andrews Captain 7 121 On Leave
United States DAL2456 Zach Frank ATP Captain 200 534 Active
United States DAL2477 Brian Strike ATP Captain 64 355 Active
United States DAL2528 Daniel Hughes First Officer 1 12 On Leave
United States DAL2619 Ryan Pattison Captain 5 106 On Leave
United States DAL2653 Adam Kropp First Officer 1 0 On Leave
United States DAL2688 Stephen Hardy First Officer 3 2 On Leave
India DAL2752 Ravi Patel First Officer 10 22 On Leave
United States DAL2763 Isaac Anderson Senior Captain 31 184 Active
United States DAL2794 Corey Buhl First Officer 70 95 Active
Canada DAL2845 Jon Peters Senior Captain 1 278 On Leave
United States DAL2890 Mitchell Taydus First Officer 14 13 Active
United States DAL2922 Trey Cannon ATP Captain 70 385 Active
United States DAL2972 Mike Christianson ATP Captain 22 388 Active
United States DAL3094 Brian Parker First Officer 12 54 Active
United States AA3320 Christopher Howfield ATP Captain 145 736 Active
Canada DAL3352 Mario Kostanjevic ATP Captain 45 4489 Active
United States DAL3421 Tyler Bourgeois- MSP AHM ATP Captain 88 757 Active
United States DAL3605 Hayden Cook First Officer 14 69 Active
United States DAL3644 Erik Davidson ATP Captain 59 718 Active
United States DAL3936 Liam Murphy ATP Captain 11 321 Active
United States DAL4117 Hugh Proffitt First Officer 15 31 Active
Bahamas DAL4168 Dimitri Rolle First Officer 1 0 Active
United States DAL4174 Steve Moerdyk ATP Captain 6 772 On Leave
United States KLM4193 Sarun Kumdoung First Officer 13 33 Active
United States DAL4195 Manny Ramirez ATP Captain 29 347 Active
United States DAL4200 Anthony Edwards Senior Captain 3 292 Active
United States DAL4237 Chandler Stockwell First Officer 5 25 Active
Canada DAL4279 Jack Kirkpatrick First Officer 8 27 Active
United States DAL4316 Jeremy Bucuren ATP Captain 16 1669 Active
United States DAL4327 John Vaughan First Officer 14 32 Active