Hub Summary

KMSP information

Number of Pilots: 139
Number of Flights Flown: 3231
Number of Routes Flown From KMSP: 627
Total Miles Flown: 2755150 nm
Total Hours Flown: 7499
Total Fuel Used: 30754490 lbs


Hub Detail

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Pilot Roster for KMSP

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
United States DAL1753 Ethan Porter Gold Medallion 393 1450 Active
United States DAL1759 Bob Pracheil Bronze Medallion 107 2127 Active
United States DAL2024 Craig Herndon Amethyst Medallion 54 794 On Leave
United States DAL2032 John Sanders Gold Medallion 107 2137 On Leave
United States DAL2456 Zach Frank Platinum Medallion 372 922 Active
United States DAL2477 Brian Strike Bronze Medallion 85 399 Active
United States DAL2633 Jay H. Gold Medallion 83 1390 Active
United States DAL2890 Mitchell Taydus Red Medallion 35 44 Active
United States DAL2972 Mike Christianson Amethyst Medallion 30 409 On Leave
United States AA3320 Christopher Howfield Diamond Medallion 421 2688 Active
United States DAL3644 Erik Davidson Silver Medallion 228 1020 Active
United States DAL4134 Elias Strikos Platinum Medallion 212 1007 Active
Bahamas DAL4168 Dimitri Rolle Bronze Medallion 118 165 Active
United States KLM4193 Sarun Kumdoung Emerald Medallion 53 136 On Leave
United States DAL4195 Manny Ramirez Silver Medallion 143 689 On Leave
United States DAL4731 Jake Dawson Amethyst Medallion 21 631 Active
United States DAL5221 Alec Main Amethyst Medallion 39 61 On Leave
United States DAL5326 Joshua Fastnacht Bronze Medallion 46 165 Active
United States DAL5406 Daniel Koepp Bronze Medallion 95 1222 On Leave
United States DAL5446 Hayden Cook Bronze Medallion 34 150 Active
United States DAL5466 Blake Moore Amethyst Medallion 27 2154 Active
United States DAL5590 Ben Gebbie Emerald Medallion 52 388 Active
United States DAL5712 Brent Baker Red Medallion 5 9 On Leave
United States DAL5719 Tyler Gustafson Amethyst Medallion 20 50 On Leave
United States DAL5755 Dan DeBartolo Silver Medallion 117 379 Active
United States DAL5887 Travis Normandin Red Medallion 10 340 Active
United States DAL5891 PJ Fiske Red Medallion 6 7663 On Leave
United States DAL5917 Jordan Cohen Red Medallion 31 104 On Leave
United States DAL5918 Steve Elliott Amethyst Medallion 31 98 Active
United Kingdom DAL5942 Brenden Quinn Red Medallion 16 27 Active
United States DAL5966 Justin Grimm Amethyst Medallion 38 150 Active
United Kingdom DAL5995 Pete Jones Amethyst Medallion 14 1146 On Leave
United States DAL6064 Ethan Wallenberg Red Medallion 26 32 Active
United States DAL6067 Joe Vendemia Emerald Medallion 74 140 Active
United States DAL6083 Benjamin Kepley Amethyst Medallion 7 56 On Leave
United States DAL6112 Sean Landrum Amethyst Medallion 28 68 Active
United States DAL6154 Tyler Johnson Bronze Medallion 85 364 Active
United States DAL6170 Eric Malikowski Red Medallion 11 390 On Leave
United States DAL6198 Micah Baganz Amethyst Medallion 29 1284 Active
United States DAL6208 Alexander Gornakov Emerald Medallion 54 564 Active
United States DAL6291 Chad Simpson Emerald Medallion 48 181 Active
Iran, Islamic Republic Of DAL6314 Ehsan Jozi Red Medallion 27 135 Active
United States DAL6353 Zach Avery Amethyst Medallion 28 56 Active
United States DAL6386 Devin Perkins Red Medallion 2 2 On Leave
Netherlands DAL6387 Reinder Boer Red Medallion 1 3 On Leave
United States DAL6406 Matt Middleton Amethyst Medallion 28 60 Active
Italy DAL6431 Marco Paciello Red Medallion 2 3 On Leave
United States DAL6512 Spencer Yendell Amethyst Medallion 31 56 Active
United States DAL6524 Chris Beck Red Medallion 11 19 On Leave
Norway DAL6547 Fredrik Hope Red Medallion 1 320 On Leave
United States DAL6553 Aaron Trueblood Red Medallion 3 2 Active
United States DAL6555 Pete Melomo Emerald Medallion 33 107 Active
United States DAL6565 Michael Rivera Amethyst Medallion 19 7161 Active
United States DAL6585 Gregory Knuth Red Medallion 15 485 Active
United States DAL6696 Steven Bottin Amethyst Medallion 28 51 Active
United States DAL6708 John Van Woy Red Medallion 3 8 Active
United States DAL6715 Lance Harry Red Medallion 3 3 Active
United States DAL6753 Nate Rendon Red Medallion 13 41 Active
United States DAL6808 John Muenster Jr Red Medallion 3 4 Active
United States DAL6942 Peter Weiland Red Medallion 1 2 Active