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KSEA information

Number of Pilots: 126
Number of Flights Flown: 2853
Number of Routes Flown From KSEA: 1196
Total Miles Flown: 3465673 nm
Total Hours Flown: 8813
Total Fuel Used: 33281795 lbs


Hub Detail

KSEA map

Pilot Roster for KSEA

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
Virgin Islands, U.S. DAL1702 Cliff Meade-CEO CEO 892 31987 Active
Canada DAL1840 Michel Rene ATP Captain 119 386 Active
United States DAL1864 Derek Troy ATP Captain 147 747 Active
United States DAL2120 Justin Pascale Senior Captain 87 250 On Leave
United States DAL2160 Jace Lightman ATP Captain 398 1001 On Leave
United States DAL2162 Ayrian Evans Captain 65 133 On Leave
United States DAL2411 Hayden Fox Senior Captain 13 223 On Leave
United States DAL2416 Alexander Iannuzzi KSEA HM ATP Captain 102 735 Active
Canada WJA2809 Ushabh Salaria ATP Captain 172 431 On Leave
United States AA2877 Trent Koberg Senior Captain 35 201 Active
United States DAL2952 Nick Menzel ATP Captain 101 352 Active
United States DAL3038 Phillip Lisun ATP Captain 115 754 Active
United States DAL3047 Joel Brinson ATP Captain 87 654 Active
United States DAL3052 Codee Guyll ATP Captain 71 836 Active
United States DAL3111 Cody Gednalske ATP Captain 87 305 Active
United States UAE3153 Jacob Swan Captain 35 127 On Leave
United States AA3260 Rory Riddle ATP Captain 170 378 Active
United States DAL3263 Jesus Rivera III ATP Captain 164 329 Active
United States AA3466 Paul Rickard ATP Captain 4 444 Active
United States DAL3500 Matthew Crawford First Officer 33 86 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL3523 William Eldred Captain 36 172 On Leave
Germany DAL3541 Oliver Mosiniak ATP Captain 156 371 Active
United States DAL3730 Seth Zeichner First Officer 66 95 On Leave
United States AA3761 Ben Cropper Captain 11 109 On Leave
United States DAL3773 Jarrod Rowson First Officer 40 74 Active
United States DAL3832 Yoshua Avery ATP Captain 33 470 Active
Australia AA4185 Ian Buchanan Senior Captain 18 210 Active
Canada DAL4279 Jack Kirkpatrick Captain 27 107 Active
United Kingdom DAL4324 Kieron Meen ATP Captain 3 385 On Leave
United States DAL4332 Ian Cowan Senior Captain 38 177 On Leave
United States DAL4396 Keith Hall ATP Captain 29 3120 On Leave
United States DAL4476 Christopher Hallam ATP Captain 76 604 Active
United States DAL4488 Joshua Davidson ATP Captain 7 541 On Leave
Canada DAL4562 Kyle Lacharite Junior Officer 1 1 On Leave
United States DAL4582 Louie Victa ATP Captain 106 613 Active
United States DAL4744 Dustin Antolick Second Officer 6 10 Active
United States DAL4750 Erez Christianto Senior Captain 59 229 On Leave
United States DAL4802 Casey Crebs First Officer 11 82 Active
United States DAL4853 Shane Oneill Captain 18 172 Active
Italy DAL5046 Andrea Ugolini ATP Captain 39 348 Active
United States DAL5218 Brandi Wilson Second Officer 30 45 On Leave
United States DAL5225 Garrett Agag Second Officer 12 30 On Leave
United States DAL5263 Jack Halper Junior Officer 2 5 On Leave
Australia DAL5323 Ryan Macdonald Junior Officer 2 2 On Leave
United States DAL5341 Austin Wilkins ATP Captain 21 353 On Leave
United States DAL5407 Emmitt Mcrae Senior Captain 29 209 On Leave
United States DAL5420 Josh Brown ATP Captain 2 1474 On Leave
United States DAL5480 Seth Robinson Junior Officer 1 1 On Leave
Germany DAL5515 Tim Danny Nitz Captain 31 124 Active
India DAL5618 Mirza Samnani Second Officer 5 18 On Leave
United States DAL5747 Jon Engen Senior Captain 36 221 Active
United States DAL5827 Brad Bell ATP Captain 3 2260 On Leave
United States DAL5852 Gene W Second Officer 13 18 Active
Botswana DAL5884 Clement Tebogo Bethia Junior Officer 1 1 Active
United States DAL5931 Robert Zmijewski Senior Captain 4 286 Active
United States DAL5953 Derek Jager ATP Captain 141 403 Active
United States DAL5982 Eric Maresh ATP Captain 20 1113 Active
United States DAL5988 Noah Wilson Second Officer 7 22 On Leave
Italy DAL5996 Paolo Lupardi ATP Captain 7 684 Active
Canada DAL6039 Alex Pfeifer Captain 1 134 On Leave
United States DAL6040 Jeffrey Edward ATP Captain 44 307 Active
United States DAL6060 Tim Stafford Second Officer 8 11 Active
United States DAL6087 Taylor Dinges Captain 3 133 On Leave
United States DAL6097 Tyrin Claxton Senior Captain 7 220 Active
Benin DAL6099 Abdoul Sene Second Officer 6 27 Active
United States DAL6123 Scott Gregory Second Officer 4 46 Active
United States DAL6138 Patrick O'Neill Second Officer 16 48 Active
United States DAL6143 Robert McVickers ATP Captain 26 360 Active
United States DAL6268 Jim Nessen ATP Captain 3 411 Active
Ireland DAL6313 Robert Henry Junior Officer 1 1 Active
Brazil DAL6326 Lucas Silva Second Officer 6 32 Active
United States DAL6328 Blake Unger Junior Officer 6 3 Active
United States DAL6390 Reed Cohen Junior Officer 7 10 Active
United States DAL6416 Pavel Ruzhin Junior Officer 3 5 Active
United States DAL6428 Nathaniel Jeffers Junior Officer 3 5 Active
United States DAL6436 Christian Alton Junior Officer 2 3 Active