Hub Summary

KSEA information

Number of Pilots: 84
Number of Flights Flown: 1648
Number of Routes Flown From KSEA: 1019
Total Miles Flown: 2036263 nm
Total Hours Flown: 5107
Total Fuel Used: 20251669 lbs


Hub Detail

KSEA map

Pilot Roster for KSEA

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
Virgin Islands, U.S. DAL1702 Cliff Meade-CEO CEO 785 31768 Active
Canada DAL1840 Michel Rene ATP Captain 92 362 Active
United States DAL2120 Justin Pascale Senior Captain 79 238 On Leave
United States DAL2127 Kyle Clements Captain 18 156 On Leave
United States DAL2160 Jace Lightman ATP Captain 398 1007 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL2302 Macauley Grisedale ATP Captain 3 508 On Leave
United States DAL2411 Hayden Fox Senior Captain 18 223 On Leave
United States ASA2500 Tony Williams Captain 2 115 On Leave
United States DAL2534 Brittany Ashcraft First Officer 1 0 On Leave
United States DAL2692 Benjamin Smith Captain 1 151 On Leave
India DAL2765 Yash Patel First Officer 7 17 On Leave
Canada WJA2809 Ushabh Salaria ATP Captain 170 429 Active
Canada DAL2834 Gord Boisvert First Officer 1 0 On Leave
United States DAL2858 Jarrett Cacopardo ATP Captain 1 351 On Leave
United States DAL2952 Nick Menzel First Officer 33 77 Active
United States DAL3047 Joel Brinson ATP Captain 18 380 Active
United States DAL3052 Codee Guyll ATP Captain 35 485 Active
United States DAL3111 Cody Gednalske Captain 19 139 Active
Brazil DAL3243 Leonardo Moreira First Officer 26 70 Active
United States AA3260 Rory Riddle First Officer 23 55 Active
United States DAL3263 Jesus Rivera III Captain 86 171 Active
United States DAL3500 Matthew Crawford First Officer 28 74 Active
United Kingdom DAL3523 William Eldred Captain 27 121 Active
Germany DAL3541 Oliver Mosiniak Captain 67 160 Active
United States DAL3610 Andrew Grey Senior Captain 76 266 Active
United States DAL3730 Seth Zeichner First Officer 48 78 Active
United States AA3761 Ben Cropper First Officer 5 88 Active
United States DAL3773 Jarrod Rowson First Officer 20 33 Active
Australia AA4185 Ian Buchanan Senior Captain 2 181 Active
United Kingdom DAL4324 Kieron Meen ATP Captain 2 383 Active
United States DAL4370 Brin Brody First Officer 2 6 Active
United States DAL4396 Keith Hall ATP Captain 4 3032 Active
United States DAL4430 Jayden Diaz Captain 2 119 Active