Hub Summary

KSLC information

Number of Pilots: 90
Number of Flights Flown: 2840
Number of Routes Flown From KSLC: 766
Total Miles Flown: 2261732 nm
Total Hours Flown: 6106
Total Fuel Used: 28116039 lbs


Hub Detail

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Pilot Roster for KSLC

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
United States DAL1763 Patrick Curtis ATP Captain 135 833 Active
United States DAL1808 Jay Kidder Senior Captain 71 277 Active
United States DAL2036 Corey Dombrowski Chief Pilot 69 20128 On Leave
United States DAL2043 Jim Sims Senior Captain 88 225 On Leave
United States DAL2244 Alan Grose First Officer 32 72 On Leave
United States DAL2335 Bryce Saunders HR - VP 198 22744 On Leave
Australia DAL2549 Troy Winter ATP Captain 87 1074 On Leave
United States DAL2641 Kerry Boren ATP Captain 86 355 Active
United States DAL2768 Joseph Rocco ATP Captain 540 5806 Active
United States DAL2944 Toby Tyers ATP Captain 153 370 Active
United States DAL2975 Jaden Simmons Senior Captain 117 257 Active
United States DAL3032 Scott Pumphrey Captain 39 128 Active
Canada DAL3109 Robert Schwindt ATP Captain 54 839 Active
Canada DAL3454 Tyson Phillips ATP Captain 59 650 On Leave
United States DAL3516 Cornelius Huntley ATP Captain 132 2007 On Leave
United States DAL3577 Beck Heidmous ATP Captain 101 422 On Leave
United States DAL3601 Chris Davidson ATP Captain 56 318 On Leave
United States DAL3923 Ben Greenberg Junior Officer 2 3 On Leave
United States DAL4092 Mark Springsteen ATP Captain 20 3234 On Leave
United States DAL4161 Drew Leevy Second Officer 19 34 On Leave
United States DAL4199 Bobby Klesch Captain 3 106 On Leave
United States DAL4210 Alec Burke First Officer 4 81 On Leave
United States DAL4222 James Cameron ATP Captain 44 398 On Leave
United States DAL4243 Sean Bradley First Officer 43 63 On Leave
Canada AA4371 Eric Desrochers ATP Captain 72 488 Active
United States DAL4565 Britton Heaps ATP Captain 18 788 On Leave
United States DAL4602 Jeremy Cheever Second Officer 2 25 On Leave
United States DAL4673 Michael Phillips Captain 2 148 On Leave
United States DAL4760 Jonathan Pleil ATP Captain 83 360 Active
United States DAL4770 Chris Hunt Senior Captain 62 204 Active
Canada DAL4786 Luc Vanasse ATP Captain 312 3175 Active
United States DAL5096 John Rapp Junior Officer 4 5 On Leave
United States DAL5139 Brandon Haase ATP Captain 13 1060 On Leave
United States DAL5155 Cody Krolak First Officer 16 58 On Leave
Germany DAL5172 Jann Dircks Second Officer 16 31 On Leave
United States DAL5260 John Strong First Officer 31 59 Active
United States DAL5281 Ty Bowen Junior Officer 1 2 On Leave
Portugal DAL5294 Pedro Ribeiro Junior Officer 2 5 On Leave
United States DAL5490 Jayden Maxson Senior Captain 12 220 Active
United States DAL5742 Avery Cano Junior Officer 1 1 On Leave
Canada DAL5782 Josh Smith Second Officer 8 19 On Leave
United States DAL5815 Jeff Hendershot ATP Captain 1 501 On Leave
United Kingdom DAL5924 Scott Hardy Junior Officer 1 4 On Leave
United States DAL5970 Jeremy Richards ATP Captain 69 349 Active
United States DAL6037 Bryan Bedwell Second Officer 8 16 Active
United States DAL6041 Brett Knuth ATP Captain 2 2686 On Leave
United States DAL6045 Mackenzie Isringhausen ATP Captain 211 846 Active
United States DAL6171 Noah Payne First Officer 10 85 Active
United States DAL6213 Bryce Hanna Senior Captain 3 199 Active
United States DAL6264 Alex Camp Junior Officer 1 1 Active
United States DAL6299 Hunter Case First Officer 2 53 Active
United States DAL6342 Keith Nolin First Officer 3 59 Active
United States DAL6363 Tom Davis Second Officer 9 14 Active