Hub Summary

LFPG information

Number of Pilots: 27
Number of Flights Flown: 903
Number of Routes Flown From LFPG: 1229
Total Miles Flown: 1968347 nm
Total Hours Flown: 4749
Total Fuel Used: 34910998 lbs


Hub Detail

LFPG map

Pilot Roster for LFPG

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
Czech Republic AFR2329 Abelardo Lopez ATP Captain 152 1582 Active
United States DAL2815 James Cowan Captain 17 157 Active
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The DAL2850 Erick Omari ATP Captain 182 768 Active
United Kingdom AA3492 Andrew Hutchings First Officer 19 67 Active
United States DAL3914 Matt Harmon Second Officer 21 46 Active
United States AA4048 Lamont Price ATP Captain 74 785 Active
United States DAL4249 Jack Roberts First Officer 21 85 Active
United States DAL4325 Joshua Jenkins-LFPG ATP Captain 20 440 Active
United States AA4376 Drew Swanfeldt ATP Captain 30 1225 Active
China DAL5109 Pengfei Hou ATP Captain 9 1616 Active
France DAL5204 Delaire RĂ©mi First Officer 1 50 Active
Norway DAL5457 Robert Erisson ATP Captain 4 4712 Active