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RJAA information

Number of Pilots: 28
Number of Flights Flown: 429
Number of Routes Flown From RJAA: 210
Total Miles Flown: 1616721 nm
Total Hours Flown: 3627
Total Fuel Used: 31296997 lbs


Hub Detail

RJAA map

Pilot Roster for RJAA

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
United States DAL2157 Jameil John ATP Captain 27 425 Active
Angola DAL2493 Aguinaldo Mota ATP Captain 108 644 Active
Norway DAL2573 Thorbjorn Johansen ATP Captain 194 1249 Active
Sweden KAL2982 Hoyun Cho ATP Captain 34 1076 Active
United States DAL3102 Marc Stanford ATP Captain 243 3754 Active
United States DAL3119 Eric Grunst ATP Captain 42 460 Active
United States DAL3419 Brett Layun Second Officer 18 42 Active
Jamaica DAL3432 Bryan Richards ATP Captain 24 3626 Active
Bahamas DAL3442 Javann Zonicle Senior Captain 70 251 Active
United States DAL3604 John Kamm Second Officer 5 32 On Leave
Belgium KAL3996 Philippe Smaers ATP Captain 52 807 Active
United States DAL4229 Wayne Mantz ATP Captain 136 600 Active
Norway DAL4342 Karl Mathias Moberg ATP Captain 3 4052 Active
Japan DAL4813 Damion Simpson First Officer 8 51 Active
Philippines DAL4983 Skyeler Kho Second Officer 9 17 Active
Japan DAL5303 Tokumaru Ogawa Junior Officer 1 0 Active
Japan DAL6010 Quae'Shaun Applewhite Junior Officer 4 6 Active