Delta Virtual Upcoming Events
Date: Event: Details/Signups
3/8/2020Spring BreakDetails/Signups
Past Events
Date: Event: Details
2/28/2020Toliss A321 Delivery Fly InDetails
2/21/2020Get Out Of Retirement Hub Hop FNODetails
12/29/2019(Cancelled) Sunday Night Group Flight 12/29/2019Details
12/28/2019Winter in AtlantaDetails
12/22/2019Sunday Night Group Flight 12/22/2019Details
12/20/2019A Northern Holiday F.N.O [12/20/19]Details
12/20/2019Friday Night Ops Delta VirtualDetails
12/19/2019[19DEC19 0200Z-0400z] Tower Thursday ZOADetails
12/16/2019Sunday Night Group Flight 12/15/2019Details
12/15/2019[12/15/2019 2100z-2359z] Staff It Up Sunday: DaytoDetails
12/15/2019Home for the Holidays [December 15th, 2019, 23:59 Details
12/14/2019Capital Christmas feat KDCA (Dec 14, 2359z-0400z)Details
12/13/2019The FNO Before ChristmasDetails
12/13/2019Friday Night Ops Delta VirtualDetails
12/10/2019[12/10/19 2330-0230z] ZTL's TRSA Tuesdays KTRIDetails
12/8/2019Sunday Night Group Flight 12/8/2019Details
12/6/2019[06 Dec 1100 - 08 DEC 2300 ET] BVA Presents: 60 HoDetails
12/1/2019Sunday Night Group Flight 12/1/2019Details
11/29/2019ZAB Stuff the Albu-Turkey FNODetails
11/29/2019Black Friday Group flight 11/29/2019Details
11/25/2019Thanksgiving Week Kickoff @ BoiseDetails
11/24/2019Sunday Night Group Flight - 11/24/19Details
11/23/2019Turkey Day in AnchorageDetails
11/22/2019Boston-Detroit Turkey Trot FNODetails
11/15/2019Never Dull at DullesDetails
11/14/2019Capital ChristmasDetails
11/10/2019Sunday Night Group Flight 11/10/19Details
11/6/2019Wednesday Night Ops - 11/06/19Details
11/5/2019Zurich NightDetails
11/4/2019Sunday Night Group Flight - 11/3/19Details
11/3/2019Live From AmsterdamDetails
11/2/2019VATUSA TRANSCONDetails
1/5/2019Sunday Night Group Flight 1/5/2020Details
1/1/2019Turkey Day in AnchorageDetails
3/19/2018Tri-City ExpressDetails
3/3/2018Spring BreakDetails
1/26/2018San Juan FNODetails
12/29/2017FNO - KJFK -> KCLTDetails
11/12/2017Sunday Group Flight - 11/12/17 - 6pm ESTDetails
11/5/2017Sunday Group Flight - 11/5/17Details
10/29/2017Sunday Group Flight - 10/29/17Details
10/22/2017Sunday Group Flight - 10/22/17Details
10/15/2017Sunday Group Flight - 10/15/17Details
10/1/2017Sunday Group Flight - 10/1/17Details
9/24/2017Sunday Group Flight - 9/24/17 - 6pm ESTDetails
9/17/2017Sunday Group Flight - Hurricane Irma ReliefDetails
9/3/2017Sunday Group Flight - 9/3/17 - 6pm ESTDetails
8/27/2017Sunday Group Flight - 8/27/17Details
8/25/2017GET OUT OF RETIREMENT!Details
8/25/2017Sunset Showdown - KPHLDetails
8/20/2017Sunday Group Flight - 8/20/17 - 6pm ESTDetails
7/30/2017Sunday Group Flight - 7/30/17 - 6pm ESTDetails
7/16/2017Sunday Group Flight/Telluride Summer Fest! - 7/16/Details
7/9/2017Sunday Group Flight - 7/9/17Details
7/2/2017Sunday Group Flight - 7/2/17Details
6/18/2017Sunday Group Flight - 6/18/17Details
6/11/2017Sunday Group Flight - 6/11/17 - 6pm ESTDetails
6/4/2017Sunday Group Flight/2017 Palm Beach Overload - 6PMDetails
5/28/2017Sunday Group Flight - 5/28/17Details
5/14/2017Sunday Group Flight - 5/14/17Details
4/30/2017Sunday Group Flight - 4/30/17Details
4/23/2017Sunday Group Flight - 4/23/17Details
4/22/2017Fly to Salt Lake City! Scenery Giveaway! 4/22/17Details
4/9/2017Sunday Group Flight 4/9Details
3/5/2017SUNDAY GROUP FLIGHT 03/05/17Details
2/26/2017Sunday Group Flight - 2/26/17Details
2/15/2017Mid Week Group Flight - 2/15/17 - 6pm ESTDetails
2/12/2017Sunday Group Flight 2/12Details
2/6/2017Sunday Group Flight to MMIODetails
1/15/2017Sunday Group Flight - 1/15/17 v2.0Details
1/11/2017Challenge Approach Night - 1/11/17Details
1/8/2017Sunday Group Flight - 1/8/17Details
1/1/2017Friday Night FlightDetails
1/1/2017Friday Night FlightDetails
12/30/2016THE FINAL FNO of 2016Details
12/18/2016Sunday Group Flight - 12/18/16Details
12/11/2016Sunday Group Flight - 12/11/16Details
12/4/2016Sunday Group Flight - 12/4/16Details
11/27/2016Sunday Group Flight - 11/27/16Details
11/20/2016Sunday Group Flight - 11/20/16Details
11/13/2016Sunday Group Flight - 11/13/16Details
11/6/2016Sunday Group Flight - 11/6/16Details
10/23/201610/23 Sunday Group Flight KCLT-KPITDetails
10/16/2016Sunday Group Flight KDFW-KCLTDetails
10/9/2016UPS & DVA Emergency Relief Flight to HaitiDetails
9/25/2016UPSVAC & DeltaVirtual DENVER fly inDetails
9/17/2016Big Three Fly In!Details
9/4/2016Sunday Group Flight Details
8/14/2016Sunday Group Flight PANC to KSEADetails
8/11/2016Thursday Night InternationalDetails
8/7/2016Sunday International - OlympicsDetails
8/4/2016Thursday International FlightDetails
7/31/2016Sunday Night Group FlightDetails
7/28/2016International NightDetails
7/27/2016International Thursday FlightDetails
7/24/2016SUNDAY GROUP KAUS - KSTLDetails
7/21/2016Thursday Night InternationalDetails
7/17/2016Nice France Tribute FlightDetails
7/17/2016Sunday Group Flight to KHLNDetails
7/14/2016Thursday Night InternationalDetails
7/10/2016Sunday Night Group FlightDetails
7/3/2016Miami to MemphisDetails
6/5/2016Sunday Night Group FlightDetails
6/3/2016Party On Beale StreetDetails
5/26/2016South Africa to Atlanta OceanicDetails
5/8/2016Where Freedom Lives: KBHMDetails
5/8/2016Sunday Night FlightDetails
5/7/2016Evening by the NeedleDetails
5/6/2016FNO: Cinco de MayoDetails
5/2/2016Sunday Night Flight: Portland, OR - Palm Springs, Details
4/29/2016FNO Bravo: CincinnatiDetails
1/1/2016KMSP to CYYZDetails
1/1/2016KMSP to CYYZDetails
1/1/2016Miam to MemphisDetails
1/1/2016EHAM - LCDGDetails
1/1/2016EHAM - LCDGDetails
1/1/2016**New Trivia Night**Details
1/1/2016Thursday Night InternationalDetails
1/1/2016Thursday Night InternationalDetails
1/1/2016Sunday Group Flight - 11/6/16Details
1/1/2016Sunday Group Flight - 11/6/16Details