Delta Virtual Event: Sunday Group Flight to KHLN
Event: Sunday Group Flight to KHLN
Description: KSLC - KHLN This is going to be a great flight. Only 1:40 of flight time so I will double the hours again. United, Delta and Alaska airlines fly into Helena, from KSEA, KSLC, KDEN and KMSP. Might be kinda of cool if we all fly in from different locations. I plan to fly from KDEN. Distances to KHLN KSLC - 349 KSEA - 426 KDEN - 515 KMSP - 739 Another fun approach while flying the RNAV to RWY 26 or 9 at Helena Montana. Even cruising altitudes. Routes: KSLC: LEETZ4 HOLTR HIA V21 NNORA KSEA: SEATL4 SEA NORMY J70 MLP J136 HLN KDEN: RIKKK3 FISAR KU81S NNORA HLN KMSP: LEINY5 LEINY KU06W DOOKR HLN ILS LOC: 110.1 CRS: 267 KSLC Delta gates: D-Gates: 737, A319, A320 E-Gates: CRJ's E17x KHLN Delta gates: There are only 2, take your pick. Everyone else will have to park on the east tarmac
Scheduled Date: 07/17/2016
Scheduled Start Time: (GMT) 20:00
Departure Field: KSLC
Arrival Field: KHLN
Company Schedule: 204
Participants: No Participants