Delta Virtual Event: Thursday Night International
Event: Thursday Night International
Description: Frankfurt (EDDF) to Gibraltar (LXGB) Study these charts, and wind directions. NO ILS, Visual approaches. This will be a challenging landing, especially if it\'s windy. :-) Alt. Airport LEMG Suggested Route: ANEK9F ANEKI Y163 HERBI Y164 OLBEN UN869 MGA
Scheduled Date: 08/11/2016
Scheduled Start Time: (GMT) 23:30
Departure Field: EDDF
Arrival Field: LXGB
Company Schedule: 208
Participants: 0:00 - DAL2335 - Bryce Saunders
0:30 - DAL2850 - Erick Omari
23:30 - 1700 -