Delta Virtual Event: Sunday Group Flight - 1/15/17 v2.0
Event: Sunday Group Flight - 1/15/17 v2.0
Description: In regards to our group flight, we will be changing things slightly so we can help our awesome HR director, Marc Perry, with his certifications! Instead of flying into CLT from JFK, we will be doing the opposite and going from KCLT to KJFK. So here are the flight details: Dep: KCLT Arr: KJFK Altitudes: ODD Dep Time: 6pm Route: Given on TeamSpeak the day of the flight
Scheduled Date: 01/15/2017
Scheduled Start Time: (GMT) 23:00
Departure Field: KCLT
Arrival Field: KJFK
Company Schedule: 140
Participants: 23:05 - DAL2547 - Mark Urman
23:06 - DAL4361 - Christopher Woolbright