Delta Virtual Event: Fly to Salt Lake City! Scenery Giveaway! 4/22/17
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Event: Fly to Salt Lake City! Scenery Giveaway! 4/22/17
Description: Please join us for a special Delta VA event as we celebrate the release of Pacific SImulations new KSLC scenery! We will have ATC along our route, and will be flying with several other VA's for this bring extra fuel in the event you have to hold! Thanks to Pacific Simulations and our awesome CEO, we will also be giving away the new KSLC PacSim scenery! Those people flying the event will be randomly selected at the end of the flight in a raffle. Even though we will be flying with other VA's, the giveaway will only be for Delta VA pilots.
Scheduled Date: 04/22/2017
Scheduled Start Time: (GMT) 20:00
Departure Field: KSEA
Arrival Field: KSLC
Company Schedule: 1869
Participants: 20:00 - DAL3610 - Andrew Grey
20:01 - DAL5143 - Mohammed Al-Thani
20:02 - DAL1893 - Nicolas Caldwell
20:03 - DAL5176 - Odin Morris
20:04 - DAL4741 - Owen Hankes
20:05 - DAL4515 - William McCarthy
20:08 - DAL2978 - Evan Dort
20:10 - AA4371 - Eric Desrochers
20:10 - AA4371 - Eric Desrochers
20:13 - DAL5045 - Enrique Sandoval
20:15 - DAL2547 - Mark Urman
20:16 - DAL2944 - Toby Tyers
20:20 - DAL2335 - Bryce Saunders