Delta Virtual Event: Sunset Showdown - KPHL
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Event: Sunset Showdown - KPHL
Description: Please join NewYork ARTCCS Friday night Ops event this Friday August 25 from 2300z-0300z. We will have our Philadelphia area fulling staffed and awaiting your airlines arrival. As always we welcome all types of traffic to our events, and encourage a range of aircraft to test our controllers. For us at Delta, we will leave KCVG and head for KPHL once we all have landed from the GET OUT OF RETIREMENT event! We Hope to see you this Friday!
Scheduled Date: 08/25/2017
Scheduled Start Time: (GMT) 0:00
Departure Field: KCVG
Arrival Field: KPHL
Company Schedule: 3498
Participants: 0:00 - 1700 -
0:01 - DAL2547 - Mark Urman
0:02 - DAL5396 - Tyler Mullennax