Delta Virtual Event: Sunday Group Flight - 10/1/17
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Event: Sunday Group Flight - 10/1/17
Description: Please join us for our weekly Sunday Group Flight! This week we will be joining the "Light Up Queen City" Event in Charlotte! The event runs from 7pm-11pm EST, so we are planning to arrive in Charlotte as the event is going on! Please meet on Discord at 5:30pm to load up. We plan to be wheels up starting at 6pm EST.
Scheduled Date: 10/01/2017
Scheduled Start Time: (GMT) 22:00
Departure Field: KMIA
Arrival Field: KCLT
Company Schedule: 1134
Participants: 22:00 - DAL5366 - Brandon Euzebe
22:05 - DAL2547 - Mark Urman
22:07 - DAL2298 - Anthony Marquis
22:10 - DAL5213 - Colin Harleman