About Delta Virtual Airlines


We are a community of pilots who love to fly. While we fully understand the place for “ultra-realistic” virtual airlines that require check rides, pilot exams,  strict adherence to defined schedules and aircraft assignments, we are not that type of VA. Turn on the computer, pick a flight, fly the flight plan, land well and file a PIREP; simple, fun, enjoyable.


1.0 Legal Information


Delta Virtual Airlines is in no way affiliated with Delta Air Lines, Inc or any of their affiliates. Simply put, we exist for the sole purpose of providing an increased level of enjoyment for Microsoft Flight Simulator. While we take great effort to provide a somewhat realistic experience for virtual pilots, our website is exclusively for simulation only and should never be used for real world operations. All attributes of our website are property of Delta Virtual Airlines and may not be used for commercial use at any time.


2.0  Membership & Enrollment


Enrollment is free and open to all prospective pilots. In order to join Delta Virtual Airlines, a pilot must meet the following requirements.


  • The pilot must have a VATSIM Pilot ID

  • Provide valid pilot information

    • First & Last Name

    • Email Address

    • Country you call home

  • Date of Birth

    • The pilot must be at least sixteen (16) years of age at time of enrollment


3.0 Transfer Hours


We are not a fan of asking seasoned pilots to “re-start” their career because they have chosen to join Delta Virtual Airlines. As such, we accept transfer hours in two ways.


  1. Once a new pilot completes the enrollment process; 100% of their VATSIM hours will be applied to their profile.


  1. If you are not a frequent flyer on VATSIM, you may request hours posted on an existing VA website. Please send an email to hr@deltavirtual.org with the link verifying the flight hours. These hours will transfer over at 25% of the total shown on the link provided.


If you provide information on both, the cumulative totals will be applied to your pilot profile. Example:


150 Vatsim hours + VA hours (200 x .25 ) = 150+50 = 200 total hours applied to your profile.


4.0 Ranks & Hubs


Rank Title Hours Aircraft Rating Pay Rate
First Officer 0-49 CRJ-200, CRJ-700, CRJ-900, Dash 8 Q400, EMB-145, ERJ-175, B717, MD-88, MD-90, A319, A320, B737-7/8/9 $33/hr
Senior First Officer 50-149 A321, B757-200, B757-300, B767-300 $47/hr
Captain 150-299 B767-400, A330-200, A330-300 $62/hr
Senior Captain 300+ B777-200, B747-400, B787, A350 $77/hr






During the enrollment process, the pilot will select the hub they wish to call home for their Delta Virtual Experience. The hubs for Delta Virtual are presently:



Airport Name/IACO


Schiphol Amsterdam Airport / EHAM


Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport / KATL


Boston Logan International Airport / KBOS


Northern Kentucky Intl Airport / KCVG


Metropolitan Wayne County Airport / KDTW

Los Angeles

LAX International Airport / KLAX

Minneapolis-St. Paul

Word-Chamberlain International Airport / KMSP

New York

John F. Kennedy International Airport / KJFK

New York

La Guardia Airport / KLGA


Charles de Gaulle Airport / LFPG

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City International Airport / KSLC


Seattle-Tacoma International Airport / KSEA


Narita International Airport / RJAA

5.0 Code Share Flights and other interesting comments


In the coming months we will aim to have most, if not all, of the SkyTeam Alliance routes and schedules loaded into our scheduling system. We will also work to have various codeshares loaded as well (Virgin Atlantic/Alaska) to allow our pilots to fly a wide array of flights/routes and aircraft/liveries.


We may add an airline or two that are not part of Delta codeshare agreements or Skyteam for the simple fact that other airlines fly additional aircraft/destinations that are not widely available in the SkyTeam fleet/schedule. A good example would be Qatar and or Emirates. Flying in and out of the Persian Gulf on and A380 or A340-600 is a lot of fun, but SkyTeam does not have a lot of flights into that region.


6.0 Flight Ops & Requirements


It is required that each pilot submit at least one (1) PIREP per month. If you are unable to commit to this requirement, a Virtual Airline is probably something you should not get involved with.


All PIREP’s must be submitted using our SMARTcars system. We do not accept manual PIREPS unless a technical proboem occurs with SMARTcars. If a pilot submits a manual PIREP because of this, they must provide a link (Vataware, etc) with the PIREP to prove the flight was flown.


When Flying on VATSIM pilots must use their Delta Virtual Pilot ID - DALxxxx


Pilots are allowed to use 4x Simulation Rate when above 25,000 FT, regardless of flight time. If/when flying on VATSIM, you must get permission from ATC to increase Simulation Rate.


Landing rates are important - if you smash the landing gear upon landing, what did you really accomplish? As such, we will not accept any PIREPS with landing rates greater than -600 FPS.


Flights must fly valid routes - there are several great FREE websites out there that help pilots find a valid flight route. We recommend the follow sites for flight planning and fuel planning:




http://www.vroute.net/ (premium edition will cost $)