Pilot Record for Thiago Braun

Pilot name: Thiago Braun Primary Hub: KJFK
Location: DE Rank Red Medallion
Current Payrate: $100 Total Hours Flown: 12.17
Hours Transfered 72.5 Flights Flown: 6
Bank Account Total $ 8, 107.00 Rank Red Medallion


Pilot - Given to all pilots when they start with Delta Virtual Bronze Landing - Awards to pilots who land below -150 fpm as recorded by SmartCARS 3 Months of Service - Awarded to Pilots with three months of service 1 Year of Service - Awarded to Pilots with one year of service 6 Months of Service - Awarded to Pilots with six months of service

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
UAL2929 KDEN KSFO B737-800 (N738DL) 02.11 01/27/2018
UAL3689 KORD KDEN B737-800 (N738DL) 02.13 01/27/2018
DAL2115 KORD KATL MD-90 (NMD9DL) 01.48 12/23/2017
DAL1168 KSEA KDEN B717-200 (N717DL) 02.08 12/18/2017
DAL1273 KSLC KORD CRJ-900 (N900DL) 02.55 11/30/2017
DAL1934 KBZN KSLC B717-200 (N717DL) 01.02 11/25/2017