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Welcome to Delta Virtual

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the very warm welcome to my new position. I have put together an amazing staff team to bring this VA back to the top once again. I hope you will join us in this adventure. I want to welcome you to Delta Virtual. Thank you for choosing to fly with us. We are happy to have you as part of our team. If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns or just need some help, our entire staff has adopted an open door policy. Please feel free to email us or find us on discord if we can ever answer any questions or help you in your flight sim career. I want to invite you all to join our events and to hang with us in discord. Our EC will release regular self, group, shared, joint and in-person events. Please come and join us at your leisure. I look forward to seeing you in the skies, Happy Landings!


Steven Parker - DAL7340

What we've accomplished since 2014




PIREPS filed


Amazing Pilots

There are 28 pilots airborne
proudly flying for Delta Virtual

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Operator Callsign Pilot Route Aircraft Status Client
DAL1125 (2) Andre Chambers KLAX KATL N709TW Climbing Offline
DAC3579 Marc Stanford HECA GMMN N996DL Cruising Offline
UAL1636 (1) Carlos Nouel PHNL KLAX N66848 Cruising Offline
AAL300 Rajiv Forbes KJFK KLAX N8328A Cruising VATSIM
SIA938 James Attwood WSSS WADD 9V-STC Climbing VATSIM
DAL1074 (1B Brandon Rupp PHNL KSEA N2130DL Cruising Offline
IBK6135 Dylan Emerson EDDM GCLP EI-FVT Cruising Offline
DAC689 Paul Rickard KJFK EGLL N703DN Cruising VATSIM
DAC542 Thorbjorn Johansen PANC KCVG N858FD Cruising Other
DAL1061 (1B Alexander Reed KMCO KLAX N861DN Climbing VATSIM
UPS9607 (D) Justin Ragsdale KMIA KSDF N454UP Cruising VATSIM
UAL15 (1) Kevin Donovan EGLL KEWR 9V-SCM Cruising Offline
AAL161 (C) Adrián Monzalvo KSFO KLAX N894NN Climbing VATSIM
DAC1431 Hunter Malone EGCC KJFK N820AL Cruising Offline
AAL171 Shaquille McIntosh KJFK KLAX N808NN Cruising VATSIM
ASA1276 David Vejar KSFO MMSD N621VA Approaching VATSIM
DAL134 Bob Klemm KDTW EHAM N173DZ Climbing VATSIM
FDX6362931 Michael Lewis KMEM KSEA N855FD Cruising Offline
DLH443 Andrew Zhang KDTW EDDF D-AIHI Cruising Offline
ETD100 Micha Mullaly KJFK OMAA A6-APA Final Approach VATSIM
BAW1210 Anthony Marquis KMIA EGLL G-CIVA Cruising VATSIM
FDX631401 Michel Rene KGSO KEWR N696DL Enroute
RYR1485 Mauricio Delgado LEMD LMML EI-DHP Cruising VATSIM
RPA4409 (B) Jerard Mackey MYAM KMIA N438YX Approaching VATSIM
UAE399 Augustine Barron WADD OMDB A6-EPE Climbing Offline
DAL1003 (1B Deronn Smith KPHL KATL N973DL Cruising VATSIM
UAL1114 (1A Pete Melomo KMSP KDEN N943NN Final Approach VATSIM
DAC7451 Rafael Barreto LEBL EHAM N7852A Landing Offline

What we offer

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Social Media

We love being a virtual airline that communicates with its pilots. We have a Discord Channel, WhatsApp Group, Forums, as well as an internal emailing system. Our discord almost always has our pilots in it and is a great place to meet new friends

Advanced Weather System

Custom voice ATIS for every airport, Advanced weather information will keep you informed of the weather during your flights!

Powered by iCrew v4 Premium

Together with iCrewSystems we have put together a revolutionary and modern Crew Center loaded with amazing features to make your experience here enjoyable! .


Here at Delta Virtual we pride ourselves on focusing on the community. We like to keep in touch with all our pilots and ensure they get the best experience possible out of Delta Virtual. Our entire staff is dedicated to listening to our pilots and helping them with anything.

Hall of Fame

Do you have a great landing rate and want to show it off? Are you a frequent flyer? Our hall of fame lists all of our top pilots which encourages our pilots to friendly compititions.


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With over 120,000 routes in our system to choose from you will never run out of places to fly. The schedules get updated periodicly during the year so you can fly where you want when you want. We also have a bunch of different airlines to choose from so you wont be limited to one airline.

SmartCARS Tracking

Our free tracking software is tried and true. It provides our pilots with a modern and functional tracking software to both track and bid your flights.

Regular Group Flights and Events!

Come join in on our regular scheduled group flights and events! We also encourage our pilots to set up their own group flights among the other pilots!.

What better advertisement than the truth?
Take a look at what our pilots have to say

Delta Virtual is the Best VA not only due to the wide variety of routes,airlines and aircraft you can fly. But also because of the amazing community and family that is Delta Virtual. Everyone has each other’s back.

Gabe Bean DAL6176

Delta Virtual strives to stand out from the rest. They are more of a laid back virtual airline, and are overall fun to fly for. The community is helpful and great to be around!

David Torrey DAL7967

I have been Flying Virtually for 10 years. I Joined Delta Virtual and I can tell you is one of the most modern Virtual airlines around. Very friendly any help you need is right there. I highly recommend Delta Virtual

Ekrem Halimic DAL8085


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